Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Dear Family and Friends

This has been an exciting year for us. We kicked it off by playing Rock Band with Family and Friends on New Years Eve to ring in 2008! That is one of our favorite past times now!
Right from when Rob proposed in Reno on August 26th, 2007 we began planning the wedding. So the beginning of 2008 was all about getting things ready for April 5th, 2008.
Our families were so wonderful and so helpful with EVERYTHING. It made it so stress free. My mom and Dave did so much, I truly felt blessed, and they’ll never understand how grateful I am for that. Rob’s parents were such a huge help. They let us take over their backyard to have our wedding in. Rob’s mom, Carolyn, did all she could get the house ready and the yard and the decorations looked AMAZING. Thank goodness my dad was able to come down from Portland and be there to walk me down the aisle. I hope he realizes how important that was to me. The wedding was beautiful, everything I could have asked for. The wind had started up a little while before the ceremony and I hoped it would just go away, so both my mom and I said silent prayers and the wind stopped completely for the length of the ceremony! I was so happy!
Everything was great and I am eternally grateful for all the help we got and for everyone who was able to come or send their love. On the way to spend our wedding night in Las Vegas on the way to California for the honeymoon cruise, Rob and I just went on and on about how perfect and wonderful everything turned out. I was so glad to hear him talk about it the way he did, to know it meant just as much to him. For our Honeymoon we went on a Mexican Riviera Cruise for 7 days, which included stops in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. The cruise was the most fun way to relax after months of planning. We loved it.
Since the wedding we’ve just been enjoying married life. We didn’t get out to the lake as much as we would have liked this summer, and only one trip to Lake Powell, so we’ll have to remedy that next summer. (Which cannot come fast enough, I do NOT like the cold! I keep threatening to move to the equator. HAHA)
I am still at St. George Care Center, and in May I moved from Central Supply to doing Payroll and Accounts Payable, and I love it. With the economy the way it has been the company Rob was working for had to shut down. Construction is suffering pretty bad right now, (unfortunately that’s been Southern Utah’s staple) so Rob is trying to find something he loves as much as he loved the paver business. Rob is an amazingly dedicated hard worker though, so he’ll have no problem finding something good. Hopefully by next winter we will be in our own house where we can get a dog, and raise children, and live happily ever after!
We love all of you and miss everyone we don’t get to see often enough. Please know that our prayers and love is with you always and we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2009!!

Love, The Dammanns

Monday, December 22, 2008


First off, Someone requested a full picture of my Christmas tree...Not very exciting but here you go:

The big 3-0…Good thing my co-workers made it a good day, so I wouldn’t sit in my office crying and mourning my younger years. It is SO hard to believe that I am 30. I seriously feel like early 20s. Does that feeling ever change? Time flies so fast after high school, back then I’d never have believed it, but its true! I guess at least I can say I was married before 30. I had originally wanted kids all done by 30, also, but alas. I must try to get it all done before 35. New deadline! Hahaha.
Since Rob’s birthday is 3 days before mine, we have a combined dinner at his parent’s house. They gave me a framed picture of Rob and I at the wedding. Its my favorite one of us, so I was SOOO excited because I hadn’t been able to get any blown up yet.

On the day of my birthday my boss and some other co-workers had decorated my office, so that was cute. And Debbie, my boss, also made me some sweet slippers!!!
HAHAHA (...yeah, out of maxi-pads)

Debbie's daughter, Amanda made me an awesome cake!!

Everyone kept bringing me stuff, so it was sweet. My sister, April, brought me a dozen flowers, and they STILL look amazing after 5 days. They opened so big and smelled SO GOOD.

Rob got me a heated throw blanket because I’m always cold and a heated back massager, because my back is always hurting. So I was excited about those! :D
That night we went out to dinner to Texas Roadhouse with my mom, Dave, Madison, Brycen, Jalee, Josh, Skylar, Gwennie, and Owen. It was pretty fun. It had been snowing pretty much all day, and when we were eating the flakes got bigger, so Rob was way excited. Rob promised me I wouldn’t have to sit on the birthday saddle at Texas Roadhouse, but my lovely sister in law and brother knew one of the waiters and told him as soon as they walked in, so it ended up being unavoidable, DANG IT!!! My mom got pictures, but I look nasty in them, so I will NOT post them HERE. Good thing it wasn’t a busy night! My mom got me a cool shirt, some lotion and a little Asian decoration for my living room. I was glad that everyone could go to dinner with me (minus April, she had to work). Its always fun to get together. So now I’m 30…..and my husband is 31……we’re old and moldy.
This was us at dinner, Rob was hiding behind me. :P

But I had a pretty good birthday over all. But now on to the crying for a decade until I turn 40 and really go into shock.
Thank you to everyone who made my birthday such a good day! I love you all!!!
This was the snow the day after my b-day

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Biggest Loser Finale!

THANK GOODNESS!!! Michelle won!! YAY!!!

I was so shocked to see how everyone looked. It was amazing. They totally all have a lot to be proud of!! And I guess Vicky looked ok. :P
And I'm glad Heba won the $100,000 prize because she really did look pretty AWESOME!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Husband!

Rob turns 31 today!! Even though he keeps insisting he's 27. Scary to think we're getting older...Like him, I don't feel that old. I feel like MAYBE 24. :P
Rob and I met December 19th, 1997 at a party where I was the only sober girl, and I thought he was just so cute. I was bummed that he didn't stay long, but then I saw him again a few days later at the mall (I worked in a kioske in the middle of the mall), and his friend said to give them my number and we could hang out sometime. Rob later told me that he was surprised that I handed my number to him, and not his friend. He never called, so I finally got the nerve up and called him over a month later. Good thing....he was so shy he might not have ever called....then what??
Rob is one of the most amazing people I know. So I wanted to list a few things about him that I love. (I saw a few, because if I let myself, I could probably make the list WAY TOO LONG).

-He gives me the TV remote. (This is a big thing for a guy, but he always lets me pick what I want to watch and he doesn't ever act like he cares)
-When he's watching football he cheers for both teams, because he rarely has a favorite, he just likes a good game, but it's so cute!
-He'll surprise me by washing my car sometimes.
-I love when he laughs, so I'll tickle him or act like a dork, because he's so cute when he laughs.
-His shyness is so cute, but every once in a while he'll say something hilarious in front of my friends or family and we all crack up!
-He's such an amazing wakeboarder, I could watch him wakeboard FOREVER!
-He puts up with my music and always lets me have my ipod playing in the car.
-He happily cooks when I'm not feeling up to it, and he does very well!
-He knows me so well, lately I've been craving bottlecap candies and he went to the store to get me some one night, but I didn't know that he had gotten 2 because he knew I'd be craving them again the next day, so he just handed me more the next night, I was SO EXCITED!
-When we go to Vegas or somewhere he'll put up with me shopping. Poor guy. I can tell its pure torture, but he always gets me back at Fry's electronics! :P
-He pretty much does anything in his power to make me happy!

Happy Birthday, baby, I love you!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A New Niece!!!


My sister-in-law found out yesterday that she is having a baby girl in May! WOOHOO!!
So this is my second niece on this side of the family! 5 nieces all together! and 2 nephews. Way too much estrogen, but that's ok. Now Josh and Jalee will have two of each!! Congrats you guys!! I love you!

Opinion Time...

Ok....if any of you watch Biggest Loser, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Could Vicky be any more obnoxious?!? She is the meanest person I've ever seen on there. I totally agree with what Bob said on yesterday's episode that she's been so into the "game play" that she'll probably gain all the weight back because right now it seems that the "game" is the only thing keeping her going. I just cannot believe how horrible she is on the show. Maybe that's just how they happen to be portraying it, but I doubt it. I hope she doesn't win. My favorites toward the end were Amy and Michelle.

So it'd be cool to see Michelle win, and beat that whole blue team!! GO MICHELLE!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things of 8

was tagged by Jalee

Shows I like to watch-

1. Dexter
2. Biggest Loser
3. Survivor
4. Amazing Race
5. How I met your Mother
6. New Adventures of Old Christine
7. Criminal Minds
8. CSI

Eight things that happened yesterday-

1. Went looking for cheap things for Rob’s birthday
2. Went to the gym
3. Got to page 580 in Eclipse
4. Blogged a birthday message for Grandma
5. Crocheted
6. Had Spaghetti for dinner
7. Had a wellness call for my insurance
8. Worked

Favorite places to eat-

1. Texas Roadhouse
2. Applebee’s
3. 25 Main
4. Pasta Factory
5. My mom’s house
6. Samarai 21
7. Benja
8. Café Rio

Eight things I'm looking forward to-
1. My first anniversary in April
2. Christmas
3. My new niece or nephew
4. Any kind of vacation ANY time soon!!!
5. Rob’s birthday…and mine, I guess.
6. The weekend!
7. New Years (hopefully we can come up with something to do)
8. Skylar's baptism

Eight things on my wish list-
1. A job for Rob
2. A house..I’m so sick of renting! 
3. Quitting work
4. A baby next year, maybe….
5. A nice camera
6. For people at work to GIVE ME A BREAK
7. My neck to stop hurting
8. To be able to afford SOMETHING for Rob for Christmas

8 people I tag-
1. Megan
2. Mom
3. Shawna
4. Stephanie
5. Sharise
6. Muntiferings
7. April (even though Jalee tagged her already, she hasn’t done it).
8. Whoever….or no one, I don’t care.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Yesterday!

Happy Birthday to my grandma, Jerri.

I love her so much and she has taught me A LOT. I owe a lot to my grandparents. They're the ones that made me want to do well in school. They taught me to get my homework done RIGHT after school. When my mom and dad got divorced we moved from Chewelah, Washington, to Grand Terrace California and lived with my grandparents in their 2 bedroom condo. My brother and mom slept on the double bed, and I had an air mattress on the floor. My dresser was in the closet, and that is about all we had. They took such good care of us during that time, and helped my mom out so much. I love that they live here in St. George, and I'm looking forward to going to their house next weekend with Rob so that we can put up their tree!
Here's my aunt Cheryl, Grandma, Grandpa, and mom:

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Blues...

I SOOOOO wish we had money for good gifts this year, because Rob knows how badly I want a NICE camera, and I KNOW that if he had the money, that's what he'd get me! I see so many good photo opportunities and I just get all bummed because I have a lame quick camera. I was staring at my tree last night and decided to take pictures with my camera anyway.

I love christmas trees!! they're so pretty lit up!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas is coming

Here comes the busy season!

Thanksgiving was good. We spent it with my family. We had dinner at my moms with Josh, Jalee and the kids too. That’s always a blast. We spent a lot of time there after dinner, waiting for it to be time for dessert and go to my aunt and uncle’s house for dessert. We watched football, talked and laughed at the kids.

And I of course drove my brother nuts. :D I was singing some Jonas Brothers song to him (even though I didn’t know the words) because they performed at half time of one of the games we were watching. As you can see, he loves when I sing to him. (he was trying to shut me off with the remote control).

In the evening we went to my Aunt and Uncle’s out in Entrada. I like going there for holidays and seeing my cousins that I don’t get to see often. My grandparents were over there too. My cousin Liz is pregnant, and its so fun to see her all cute and prego. And the kids were all running around like crazy. My 3 year old nephew was so scared of the dogs (there was my aunts English bulldog and my cousins boxer), he just screamed a lot, until he was polite enough to point out the bulldog's anatomy! HILARIOUS!
I had to work on Friday, but I was naughty and took a 2 and a half hour lunch with my mom and my cousin, Jason, who was in town for Thanksgiving. That was an entertaining lunch.

On Saturday the girls all went over to my aunts for a baby shower for Liz. It was pretty fun. I got to see my mom’s aunt Carolyn, who I probably haven’t seen in like 3 or more years. Liz scored some cute stuff and it was fun to sit and play games and visit.

And I can’t afford to send out Christmas cards, dang it! So I made my mom take some pictures of me and Rob on Sunday and I’m having Sharise make me some kind of scrapbooky card thing that I can post here and email to people (because she loves me!!!). That’s at least SOMETHING. Some of the pictures turned out pretty good, even though Rob HATES pictures and in many of them you can TELL! He behaved for the most part.
Of course, I had to try to entertain him and tease him to make him smile.

My mom posted a couple of these, but I had to share too, they're funny.

Looking at the pictures made me realize that I need to get my butt in gear and follow Weight Watchers as fathfully as I used to, because my pants aren’t fitting good anymore!!! :(
Better get on that!!!
These dang work days keep getting in the way of my weekends too!! Can someone fix that??!?!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving
Awesome MySpace Comments & Myspace Layouts

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

There is so much to be grateful for. I am grateful for a wonderful Husband and an amazing family. I'm grateful that Rob's family likes me and that my family likes him. I'm grateful that I have a good job that pays well. I'm grateful: for my health; that I live in a house (even if it's not my own); for the most awesome friends ever; for the food in my fridge, and so much more. I'm glad that with the economy so bad, we can still have things that we can be thankful for. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Madison is TEN!!

Happy Birthday Monkey Butt!!!

My youngest sibling, Madison, is 10!!

I cannot believe it. She was born when I was in college. I was there when she was born. She’s the only sibling I saw born. It was a pretty amazing experience, that was the first birth I’d ever witnessed, and it is an extremely amazing experience. Of course, I cried. It was only my step-dad and I in the room with my mom, who was so out of it, I thought her head was going to start spinning, and she’d vomit pea soup everywhere. HAHA.

All my siblings have such unique personalities, I love them all. Maddie definitely is different from April, and different from me. And she’s a very strong-willed person, I feel that she could do anything that she puts her mind to. She is such a beautiful girl and I’m so proud of the little lady she is becoming.
And I THINK she likes me too, since she lets me call her “Monkey Butt” and she gets a little upset if others call her that.
So Happy Birthday, Maddie!! I love you so much!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It was a little over a year ago that I first started hearing about “Twilight”. Some girls I worked with were talking about it and asked if I had read it. I hadn’t. I’ve pretty much only read Dean Koontz since high school. In the last year, the “Twilight” series is the only book I ever hear about. I figured I’d read it eventually, but I was in the middle of the “Odd Thomas” series by Dean Koontz.

It’s been taking me forever to read it, because I don’t give myself time to read anymore. When I started hearing about the “Twilight” movie coming out, I decided I better get a move on, because I wanted to read it before I saw the movie.

Finally, last week, I left my last “Odd Thomas” book at work, and I still had about ¾ to read, so I decided. All right…..I’ll take a break from “Odd Thomas” and hurry and get “Twilight” done. I started it on a Thursday evening, and got pretty far after work Thursday and Friday. Then Saturday I read almost all day, and finished it Sunday morning. Poor Rob. He felt slightly neglected. But he just watched football almost the whole time, so I think he secretly enjoyed it. Of course at the end of the book is a teaser for the next one, and once I read that, I jumped up and looked at Rob, “I HAVE to go get the next one” and he just laughed.

Well, its Tuesday and I am half way through the second one. Freakin work keeps getting in the way of me reading it. And I’m trying to not PLOW through it as quick, and spend a little time watching TV with Rob. But its seriously SO GOOD. I don’t want to stop reading! It totally pulls me in, and I’m oblivious to what’s going on around me.
The movie comes out this week, and when I first found out the release day and knowing how early tickets were on sale and hearing how they sold out so fast, I figured it’d be a couple weeks before I got around to seeing it, so that I didn’t have to fight TOO big a crowd. Then Sharise told me that her sister had reserved the theater for Saturday morning and was able to get me a ticket. WOOHOOO!!!!! I am SOOOO excited now. Now that I’ve read it, I don’t know if I could have handled waiting to see it anyway. So this is going to be way fun! Rob just laughs at me when he watches me read it, because of the expressions on my face. I keep trying to convince him to read it and he just says “It’s a GIRLS book!” hahaha. He said he’d see the movie, though. So that’ll give me reason to drag him if I want to see it again in the theater, or to rent it (OR BUY IT) when it comes out.

So, Yeah, I'll be right in there with the screaming teenagers....I'll just have to grin and bear it.

Another good thing this week?? I put $25 of gas in my car, and the needle was on FULL!!!! YAY!!!! It used to take $50 to fill, and its SUCH a relief to not have to cringe when I get gas….I just have been letting it go as empty as I dare before I go to the gas station. Well, mom, Maybe we’ll be able to save for a road trip next year!!