Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pretty Penny...

So we took my bridal pictures yesterday. It was partly cloudy, and the rain did stop for the day, so thank goodness, a lot of the rain dried up. I think we ended up with some really good pictures. My sister-in-law, Jalee, took them. I trust her, she's really good. Between her and my mom's ideas I think we have plenty of good ones. My little sister, Madison is one of my flower girls, and she came along in her dress, and was such a trooper, because she wasnt feeling well. So we went through the Wendy's drive-thru. With me in the passenger seat in my wedding dress, veil and all. All the employees were staring, of course. And one of the managers asked if I was doing a "drive-thru wedding". HA. A lot of people in other cars were looking at us weird too. But we ran around for several hours taking pictures. Then.......Jalee found a pubic hair in her Wheat Thins. I thought she was going to puke on the back of my seat in the suburban! She sat there holding it so we could see it, looking like she was on the verge of tears. She had eaten most of the wheat thins already, and this was sitting conveniently on the most recent cracker she pulled out of the a lovely topping. YUM. Poor girl. It was a long day, and Rob was GRATEFUL to have me home, but I layed down and PASSED OUT! I was exhausted!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dang it

So we're supposed to take my bridal pictures tomorrow....but its raining right now. I really hope it stops and I don't have to DRAG my dress through puddles! :(
This week was seriously stressful at work. They haven't hired a van driver at my work, so I have to do that with Darrick (my co-worker), along with trying to get my own job done. Wednesday was really bad, because I was already frustrated because I was gone in the van all day and the CNA's were all bugging me for stuff I hadn't taken out of boxes yet, and when did I have time?? So I go to pick someone up from an appointment, and it starts POURING rain....I'm without my coat. So I finally get in a place I can park and put the lift down for the wheelchair and go outside to get the patient on the lift. I'm quickly soaked. I get the lift to the van level, and start to try to "stow" the lift, and it doesn't budge! "CRAP!!" I say, and go grab a screwdriver. When this happens we have to take apart the controller. So here I am, in "business dress" getting even more soaked (if that's possible). My hair is matted to my head, and my hands are too cold to even try to unscrew the controller to plug back in the fuses. Obviously this has happened before...and this time the timing couldn't have been worse. Finally I get it plugged back in and screwed back together, cursing the whole time, and get the lift up. I was SO frustrated I just started to cry. The poor guy I was picking up kept saying "don't cry, you'll make me cry because I'm so tender-hearted" I felt like a moron. I get back to work and walk in to our Director of Nursing's office and she says "WHAT happened to YOU?!" and I start crying. "I can't drive that stupid van anymore, the lift broke and I had to stand in the rain and fix the damn thing, and when I get back I have people freaking out for things I haven't been able to unpack and label yet, but HOW am I supposed to get my job done when I am driving the van all day?!" well....that did the trick. They got someone else who has nothing else to do to drive the van. THANK GOODNESS!!! Anyway.....that was a bad day. An I'm an emotional retard....

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Sunday

So Rob and I went to see Sweeney Todd today. It was really good. My brother, Josh, had mentioned that he thought Johnny Depp put too much "Captain Jack Sparrow" into the character, but once I saw the entire movie, it seemed like a different character to me. Josh played Sweeney at Dixie College in November, and I'd have to say Josh should have been in the Tim Burton film. Johnny Depp was good, but Josh was AMAZING! And although Helen Bonham Carter was PERFECT for Mrs. Lovett, Whitney did even better in Dixie College's show.

Good movie, but I think my brother should have starred in it. Johnny Depp can be pretty DAMN creepy, but then must not know Josh....

Thursday, February 7, 2008


So if you want to see some of the wonderful pictures that my sister-in-law took go look at her page: They turned out soooo cute! YAY!!!
My mom and I are going to Vegas this weekend to go pick up her dress and our shoes, and get more stuff for my reception. We have so much stuff planned, I'm so excited. I think we're ahead of ourselves enough that we won't be stressing too much last minute.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Its raining!

When I lived in Portland I got sick of it, but when you live in the desert, its AWESOME when it rains, because it doesn't happen often. It just makes me hopeful that Lake Powell is filling up more.

So...yesterday my wonderful sister-in-law, Jalee (, took more engagement pictures of me and Rob, I'm excited to see how they turned out. We went to this cool bridge that she had taken pictures at earlier this week, its about 40 minutes out of town, and it was all SNOWY. I hadn't wanted any snow pictures since I am having a Spring wedding, but I bet they're going to be way cute. Yesterday I also went to my mom's house to start making the boutonnieres for the wedding. I think they're way cute. They're different, which is what I want. I was going off of this idea...

Me and Rob took my sister to go see "The Eye" yesterday. Those Asians make some weird films, yo..... But I am glad we keep re-making them, because I like weird. It was good. But Jessica Alba's "blind" eyes are creepy looking. There were several spots in the movie that make you JUMP. I like that too!