Thursday, October 17, 2013

Make It Stop!!!

I've been wanting to share this song/video on my blog for a while. Didn't get to by the end of September, but then I realized October 17th would work. Oct. 17th is "Spirit Day"., a day to wear purple to represent taking a stand against not only bullying, but also bullying against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth. I don't care if you don't agree with the latter. But being someone who was bullied throughout school, I feel bullying has gotten out of control and NEEDS TO STOP. The story behind "September's Children" breaks my heart. At the worst in school, besides being made fun of, on sometimes a daily basis, I was once kicked in the face by a girl on a bus. I cannot stand bullying. And sometimes when I see teachers saying "Oh, kids will be kids" I want to shake them and make them see its MORE THAN THAT!! And if they'd take a stand, they could HELP! Bullying hurts deep!
Whatever the bullying is about, it hurts. There were plenty of times I was fully DONE with it. And wanted a way out... but I am glad I am still here and have the life that I have. IT DOES GET BETTER!!!!! It doesn't matter what the hate is much money your family has, what you wear, what you look like OR your sexual orientation...Bullying is NOT OK.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Catch the Train--April 2013

I know I'm behind on this, but I had to document something that was so awesome for Kai! When I heard that there was a traveling "Thomas the Train" that you could RIDE on and enjoy Thomas-related-activities....I KNEW I better figure out a way to get Kai in on that! So we made it work and made a day of it. We wanted to get there early enough that we weren't melting, so we got an earlier ride. I thought we'd get there with plenty of time to spare, but life happened and we got there JUST in time! We didn't tell Kai what we were going to do, but he saw a big sign with Thomas on it just outside of Boulder City, and Kai said, "Are we going to see Thomas??!!" We kind of ignored the question, and kept going. But then he saw the actual train going alongside the road. We still kind of didn't really answer his questions, but when we got to the parking lot, I said, "Kai, do you know what we're doing today?" He said, "What?" I said, "We're going to ride Thomas!" And he was so happy. Rob's parents really wanted to see his reaction, so they met us down there and rode the train and hung out with us. Kai was excited to have them there. There were tents with activities. One was full of Thomas items to buy, one had face painting/tattoos, and stories, another had tons of tracks and trains to play with, and one had food. They also had a bounce house, games and a small train ride. Kai would've stayed in the tent with the tracks and trains for HOURS! He was so sad to leave it. The line for the face painting was sooo long, so he got a tattoo on his face instead. He didn't want it to wash off. He's so cute!
Even Kirra had a good time! She only through a couple fits in the car when she was DONE with the driving.

We also stopped by the Hoover Dam for a quick look. Kai thought it was cool

We made a day of it, and went to the Silverton Casino to see the mermaids that swim in the fish tank. We ended the day stopping at Toys 'R' Us and got Kai a Thomas the train tent (it was about $20 cheaper than at the event) and got Kirra her first baby doll. They were exhausted after the day was through.

We'll definitely taking them again to see the mermaids, when Kirra is old enough to enjoy more. I'd REALLY love to take them to Thomas's day out again too. It was an amazing day!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


KIRRA: (17 months)
Stood in the middle of the floor without holding anything 5/4/13
Took 3 steps at daycare 5/14/13
Took several steps for mom and grandma on 5/26/13
I think she's taken forever because she's afraid of Kai plowing her over! It took her until she was 16 months to walk on a regular basis. She just wouldn't do it.
She's been throwing fits like MAD lately. Assuming its teething. She's had 8 teeth for some time now, and I finally now has at least 4 molars in.

KAI: (3 years, 11 months)
Pooped on the potty at daycare: 5/30/13
Pooped at my mom's house: 6/1/13
Pooped on the potty at our house, first time ever: 6/6/13. He had a couple accidents after that (he'll get "too busy" and forget) other than that, underwear all the time except at nights (we'll work on nights soon after he's got days down good). Has not had any kind of accident since Father's Day.
**didn't think I'd ever have to blog about bodily functions so much, and I appologize, but this is a huge accomplishment since Kai will be 4 in August!! (Its been rough)**
Kai was first saying he wanted a "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory birthday, but he's now decided he wants an "Aquabats" birthday (his new obsession).

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kirra is ONE!!!

Well...actually she's 14 months old now....not that I'm slacking...
Some pictures of the occasion...

Of course Amanda made a beautiful cake! :)

She liked the candle....

So....she grabbed it...and I hurried and blew it out. I don't think she really burned her hand, I think it just scared her when we all freaked out.

When we finally calmed her down, she was very prissy about eating her cake, she'd grab it with 2 fingers.

Pretty Josh...

It was a good day.