Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I pray for Patience....

Holy Cow did I need this quote this week.
My friend, Megan, Posted this on her blog and it REALLY spoke to me!

Quote from Lynn Robbins talk in the April 2011 General Conference:

A sweet and obedient child will enroll a father or mother only in Parenting 101. If you are blessed with a child who tests your patience to the nth degree, you will be enrolled in Parenting 505. Rather than wonder what you might have done wrong in the premortal life to be so deserving, you might consider the more challenging child a blessing and opportunity to become more godlike yourself. With which child will your patience, long-suffering, and other Christlike virtues most likely be tested, developed, and refined? Could it be possible that you need this child as much as this child needs you?

I must need SOMETHING because this little 2 year old, as cute as he is, has been trying my patience to the breaking point. Especially lately. Holy cow, I wonder daily how we're all going to survive another year. Let alone another child.

Prayers were answered on my Birthday this last saturday, though. He was the sweetest angel all day long! No fits, no arguing, he obeyed like crazy. We went and saw Santa, and he normally can't sit still for 2 seconds, and he actually sat on his lap and got a picture, and we had to TAKE him off his lap, instead of him scooting down immediately.
The next day....he was making up for being so good. Oh my gosh!
Hes so hard to discipline. I'm at a loss. I can't get him to sit in time out at all. No matter how much I hold him in the seat. And the kid is way too strong. He hits, pushes his fists into our necks, throws things at us. So if someone watches him for us, I get so nervous. But he's always so good for them.
So, I will now have to just read this quote everyday and continue to pray for patience. And hope we all survive another year....and another child.
I'll try not to cry now!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall Holidays

Usually Fall is depressing for me. I hate cold. I love Christmas, but getting to it is usually soooo much of a bummer.
BUT this year is different. Don't know why. Maybe having kids distracts me. Being pregnant maybe? But when I saw a magazine for fall stuff several months ago, I was almost excited. Halloween was more exciting to me this year. I looked forward to it. And I was really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Wish I had the whole week off work, but oh well. We went to Rob's parents for Thanksgiving this year. That's always a big thing to get used to also. Especially when you get married later than some people, you get used to your own family traditions, etc. But Rob's family is awesome and I really like spending time with them, so I don't mind throwing them in a rotation. And Kai loves all his grandparents, so any time at any of their houses is awesome to him. Not to mention Rob's mom cooks great food (even if she doesn't think so). But of course I always miss seeing my mom!

I hope I can gather the energy to start maybe decorating for Christmas this weekend also. The house Kai goes to for daycare put their christmas lights on the house this week, and Kai loves it. So the sooner we do ours, the better. I love seeing him excited for things as he's getting older.
He's the funniest kid lately, I'll have to post some more silly stuff he does. It makes me laugh :D

Monday, November 14, 2011


I know Halloween was a couple weeks ago, but I'm behind. Big surprise. We decided Kai would be Dracula, just because we found a cute costume at TJ Maxx. He was a good one though. He'd do his evil Dracula laugh for us. It was so cute to see him going up to the doors, trying to go inside, and taking as much candy as he wanted. (I really tried to stop him, but he thought this was like an unlimited shopping spree).

My costume was inspired by the fact that I wanted to use my pregnant belly somehow and thought of this. I know...mildy disturbing. But not that surprising if you know me :D
One girl at work was really bothered by it. So I had to hide it behind my desk while I talked to her :P
Everyone else thought it was amazingly creative. I told my mom what I wanted and directed her while she made it. Kai liked it. He'd point to the doll and say "Baby sister!" Ok, I know...we're going to have major counseling bills later....

Mom made a creepy zombie....

Speaking of zombies...My mom took me to "Thriller" at Tuacahn for the first time, it was AWESOME!! I loved it. But it was the first COLD night here. We were freezing!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Annual Girls Day in Springdale!

My mom, Madison, and I, have gone to Springdale each fall for the past few years. Its fun to just stop at all the shops, eat lunch, and make new memories together. Kai had a couple breakdowns that were frustrating, but did fairly well.

Kai calls this a "Fuffalo"
We went to the wildlife museum. Kai wouldn't let me put him down. He was pretty freaked out.

Looks like I'm getting a Bear head massage...

Kai has been allowed to come on the girls trip, but I think my mom says he's done now. Next year, baby girl can go! :D

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's a....

Just for clarification its a baby with a pink bow. I had a lot of people thinking it was a baby with a birthmark or a cut-out placenta...So, yes....a GIRL!! We're so excited! One of each! YAY!
We're working on names, so if you have ideas...lay 'em on me!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mr. Kai...and baby too

I really should update more on new stuff Kai does. He makes me laugh :P

When we had his Dr. appointment they asked if Kai says at least 200 words. I was like...well, I dunno, does he? But when I think about it, of course he does. He has a book "Baby's first 100 words" and he can name everything in it, and says tons more than that.
He TRYS his colors, but sometimes gets them wrong. 80% of the time he can correctly name red, yellow, purple, and blue.
He loves to point back and forth from me and Rob and say "Mama....Dada....Mama.....Dada" and sometimes does it so fast that he gets backwards and then fixes it.
He loves to do "knuckles" and "spive" (he says "SP" instead of "F" almost always). The other day we were at Rob's sisters house, she has horses, and he loves to go look at them, but is a little scared. He held up his fist to the horse and said "Knuckles!" it was SOOO cute and SOOO funny!
His current favorite movies are Rio, all the Shrek movies, occationally Alvin and the Chipmunks, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and lately we've found he likes Beethoven. Rob insists Kai wants a dog. He's really been into this Elmo dvd of songs lately too.
He will color for a very short time, then he just eats the crayons....no bueno! BUT he's been bringing home masterpieces from daycare....they're on the fridge :)
He's started kinda singing along to songs, it is so cute! He LOVES music. The other day he was humming a tune of one, I thought that was pretty good. He's been trying to sing "twinkle, twinkle little star" lately. Its adorable!
If I dance and tell him to dance, he tries to do what I do....hopefully that doesn't make him a bad dancer in the future....
Unfortunately he's learned he likes to pull the chair to the kitchen counter and have a utensil and pan or bowl so he can "Make it" he says. Can be annoying.....especially if the kitchen is messy. (maybe motivation to clean it more....which I have)
He still loves his baths, but started not liking his hair washed, so I'd try to act like I forgot to, he'll tell me "Hair". Heehee
Kai can give kisses, but for some reason if its not your lips, he acts like he's blowing his nose on you or something. He does that to my belly for the baby. It IS cute though ;)
We are ALMOST done with the bottle. He is just having a hard time giving up his morning one. Any tips? He freaks out if we give him a cup.
He is DONE with the binky.

This pic is at 12 1/2 weeks. I popped early, because those darn stomach muscles have not come back yet, after Kai. :P

I am 16 weeks along now and my appointment a couple weeks ago was good. Heartbeat is great, they found it instantly, and I'm measuring right on. They scheduled an ultrasound for 19 weeks, but I can pay $25 for one at 16 weeks to see the gender if I want to know earlier. So....we're doing that wednesday!! I'm too excited to wait!! Of course there's things we'd be happy about either a boy or a girl, but it'd be nice to have a girl, so we can have our one of each. Because after this, we are done. :P
People have asked us about names, but we really haven't discussed that much yet, so we will see. I need to speak to the geneologists of the family to see some family names too. I'd at least like a family name for a middle name.
Nausea is pretty much completely gone. I just can't let my stomach get completely empty, and avoid bad smells.
Kai is at a point where he likes to jump all over you, so this poor baby is going to come out black and blue, I'm afraid. Ah well....that will be his/her life for a while I am sure. :)
I'll definately post what we find out at the ultrasound.
Rob and I got a nice break, my mom watched Kai this weekend while we went up north to my cousin's wedding in Springville. It was gorgeous up there and I got to see a bunch of my family that I never see. It was wonderful! I missed Kai a TON, but it was nice to get away.
I'll post some of the pics from the wedding, and another belly shot soon I'm showing so much already! :(

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Touch of Sun

For I heart faces entry this week, the theme is "A touch of sun". This is one of the first pictures I thought of. Kai last year in his pool...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Kai!!

Kai had a great birthday. My awesome friend, Amanda, made this awesome Mater cake!!

Kai was sooo excited when he saw his cake!

"loving" his clothes, "awwww"

Must be time to learn to Potty!
 Jalee, my sister-in-law. Got him a drumset. My mom got him a guitar... He's on his way...

Kai LOVES his "beans"

Lu-lu helping, while Kai does a "happy dance"

Kai LOVES this movie....he's watched it a couple times a day since his b-day....

 Showing off his skills on the drums...after he showed his stripping skills....

Happy Birthday little man! So amazed you survived to TWO!! Go us!!

Had his 2 year appointment today. He's doing great. He's 90th percentile in height and weight and 80th in head circumference.
Height: 36"
Weight 33 lbs.

Photo Challenge : Pets

This photo was featured on Pioneer Woman, so I thought maybe its good enough to put on iheartfaces :D

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beautiful Eyes : Baby Blues :

I really like iheartfaces.com
But have yet to enter a challenge...
So here goes

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kai's new T-shirt

Yes...it is true. Dammann Baby #2 is due March 10th, 2012.
We are very excited and very apprehensive!! I'm just praying that Kai will learn to be gentle!
When I ask Kai if he wants a brother or a sister he says "Uh huh!" and I say, "do you want a boy or a girl?" he says "Gool"
He doesn't get it yet, but its cute anyway!
The shirt is how I told my parents, Rob's parents, and Rob's sister. I had to point it out to all of them. My mom saw it and immediately thought it was a hand-me-down. DORK!!
Even though we talked about maybe adding another family member by next summer, people were surprised.
I am 9 weeks, 2 days today. I have actually been feeling great, only mildly quesy sometimes, especially if I wait too long to eat. Until today...
Rob's boss was in town and we didn't eat until a couple hours after we normally do. When Rob and I were driving to lunch, I had to make him pull to the side of the road...so I could empty what little filled my stomach...NO BUENO.
So less nausea than last pregnancy...maybe a girl?
I have had 3 migraines so far--YUCK!
At the beginning of the year, I went down to Vegas with my mom, sister, and her mother-in-law. We saw Robyn, and she bought me an adorable little girls dress and took a "magic wand" in the store and "blessed" me with a girl next. :)
So we'll see if she's magic! ;)
We went down to Robyn's baby shower just over a week ago, it was filmed, so in the fall you may get to witness that on the next season of "Sister Wives".

Telling my grandparents at their 60th anniversary party that they were going to have another great-grandchild #17? #18? I forgot.  :S

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Missing the boy...

I didn't end up doing a post on the fact that my nephew was missing. By the time I was about to, he was brought home, THANK GOODNESS. Long story short, my sister's step son was wrongly taken by his biological mom. She's been on drugs, and we believe he was NOT safe with her. He was missing for just over 2 weeks...a long 2 weeks. 2 weeks full of tears and constant prayer that Jackson was safe. It was scary. Especially for April and Darrin. We had already planned a trip to see them in Price, the weekend of July 16th, but changed to stay in Sandy, because that was where April and Darrin had been staying and trying to find Jackson. My mom, Maddie, Kai and I went. Even though the circumstances were NOT happy. We did end up having a good time trying to brighten April and Darrin's days. I think they liked having Kai around to take their minds on a short vacation from all the terrible things. We ended up going to the zoo on saturday. I was impressed. I had heard crappy things about Hogle Zoo, but it ended up being really fun. Kai was SO good the whole time, and LOVED it.

Had to get some shots at the room, since it WAS Kai's first hotel stay! ;)

Now....holy zoo picture overload, Batman!

He'd call the Peacock a "chicken"


And pay no attention to what THESE monkeys may be doing below....

Checking out the elephants!
This big fake elephant sprays water from his trunk. Scared Kai....

Don't mind him, he's in awe...

Kai was really checking this guy out (T-Rex)...Then it growled...Kai jumped, and ran and cried! And my mom was laughing so hard she was crying....only cause it scared her too. :P

LOVED the Giraffes. So did Kai...

I'm sure Kai will try that someday...tongue in the nose hole!
This next one looks like he's got a hat on! ;)

Across the way was "This is the Place" Park.
This camals got floppy humps....Its ok camel....you're not alone....

The massiveness of this guy is a little scary.
At first, before the carousel was going Kai was DONE, but then he was fine again when he saw how fun it was (it was his first ride on one!)

Wish this sloth wasn't sleeping so much! I wanted to see him!

Kai liked this "Sand Cat"...I think the cat liked Kai...juicy snack...
Had more tickets, so Kai had to ride again with Grandma

Kai's getting sleepy! Thanks so much to Darrin, April, and my mom, who helped so much with Kai.

And he's out.....missed the train ride, dang it!!

Kind of a crappy picture, but I love  Kai's expression when Maddie has the giraffe mask on!
It was a great day!!

Playing after the zoo...and feeding chips to Midge the dog...

Kai was so worn out that he passed out before we even got on the train, and slept through the train ride! (bummer because he loves trains)
The trip up was really fun, and it was nice to have an actual "Vacation". Now I just need one with Rob.