Sunday, May 24, 2009

Guessing game!!!

Ok, people, go here to place your bets on the baby!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is week 26!

185 days down…95 to go…
My next Dr. appointment is in 2 weeks, after I do my glucose test and then after that, I go see him every two weeks. Its getting closer! I went to the Dr last week and found out that I am gaining weight like a cow! Someone asked me the other day what I was having and I said, “Hopefully a calf, from the size of me!” I know, I need to be better when I talk about my weight, it’s just a difficult subject. I had worked so hard on Weight Watchers to get to my goal weight, and I had started to gain a little bit before I got pregnant, so this is really hard on me to watch my weight climb. I have gained more than the “recommended” amount for the pregnancy already, and I still have 3 months left… I just need to start making Rob go walking with me in the evenings, so I can get myself a little healthier. But this weight thing is killing me! This is me last week at 25 weeks:

Mothers Day is past and gone, and I'm a slacker, so HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!! Rob and I went to his mom’s house just after noon and spent some time with them before heading to my mom’s for dinner with the fam. It was a nice evening. We all got to sit around and chat for a while and hold baby Lelah. She’s such a cute baby. And we watched all the kids run around and play.

I’m finally feeling some more distinct kicks in my tummy, and Rob’s even felt it. On Tuesday last week I felt some movement, so I stopped working to just stare and my belly, and I saw my stomach move, so I called Rob’s office and made him come down to see if he could see it too…which he did get to witness! He said it looked like a muscle spasm. I've seen more movement, and Rob got kicked in the head this last week. I think he's excited to finally be able to feel something. In the mornings I wake up on my side, and he’s usually jumping on the bed…..such a naughty little boy!! :P
And for a major headspin last week: We finally got an appointment with the Big Fix to get Gizmo neutered, and Rob took him in Thursday morning. Well they called him a few minutes later to tell Rob, “Uh, Gizmo is a female…so you need to bring $10 more dollars for the spay when you pick HER up” WHA WHA WHA????!!! FEMALE?!?! Rob and my brains hurt all day long trying to wrap our heads around the idea that this kitty that we’ve had for like 5 months is a FEMALE! The lady we got him from told us it was a male. And Gizmo TOTALLY acts like a male cat, I’ve NEVER seen a female cat act the way Gizmo does. We were floored! You see, Gizmo is long haired, and has lots of hair, so I never really thought I needed to double check what the lady told us. BUT I had joked a couple times with Rob, saying, “What if Gizmo is really a girl and we don’t know it!?” And Rob would say, “No, he acts too much like a boy, there’s no way”. Its funny that I had said that and BAM its really a girl. I felt so bad for her when we got her home from her surgery, she was so out of it and bobbly-headed. She just laid and slept in the pet carrier all night, and wouldn’t even get up at all. I was starting to get worried, because she hadn’t really drank anything and didn't eat, and was so lethargic. When I finally made myself to go bed, I made sure to listen for any meowing at night, but at 2:30 am, she came and jumped (shes not supposed to be jumping!) on the bed, and laid and slept on me. So I felt better knowing that she felt better. Poor kitty….what a hard day…..find out you’re female, not male, get your belly shaved, get anesthesia, get cut open and pieces taken out, and wake up confused! But Rob refuses to call Gizmo a “her” he says, “Nope, it’s a boy!” Too funny. Her incision is a little swollen, but I'm thinking she might be ok still. I call her my baby cow because her skin is spotted like a cow. She still loves her tummy petted!