Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall Holidays

Usually Fall is depressing for me. I hate cold. I love Christmas, but getting to it is usually soooo much of a bummer.
BUT this year is different. Don't know why. Maybe having kids distracts me. Being pregnant maybe? But when I saw a magazine for fall stuff several months ago, I was almost excited. Halloween was more exciting to me this year. I looked forward to it. And I was really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Wish I had the whole week off work, but oh well. We went to Rob's parents for Thanksgiving this year. That's always a big thing to get used to also. Especially when you get married later than some people, you get used to your own family traditions, etc. But Rob's family is awesome and I really like spending time with them, so I don't mind throwing them in a rotation. And Kai loves all his grandparents, so any time at any of their houses is awesome to him. Not to mention Rob's mom cooks great food (even if she doesn't think so). But of course I always miss seeing my mom!

I hope I can gather the energy to start maybe decorating for Christmas this weekend also. The house Kai goes to for daycare put their christmas lights on the house this week, and Kai loves it. So the sooner we do ours, the better. I love seeing him excited for things as he's getting older.
He's the funniest kid lately, I'll have to post some more silly stuff he does. It makes me laugh :D

Monday, November 14, 2011


I know Halloween was a couple weeks ago, but I'm behind. Big surprise. We decided Kai would be Dracula, just because we found a cute costume at TJ Maxx. He was a good one though. He'd do his evil Dracula laugh for us. It was so cute to see him going up to the doors, trying to go inside, and taking as much candy as he wanted. (I really tried to stop him, but he thought this was like an unlimited shopping spree).

My costume was inspired by the fact that I wanted to use my pregnant belly somehow and thought of this. I know...mildy disturbing. But not that surprising if you know me :D
One girl at work was really bothered by it. So I had to hide it behind my desk while I talked to her :P
Everyone else thought it was amazingly creative. I told my mom what I wanted and directed her while she made it. Kai liked it. He'd point to the doll and say "Baby sister!" Ok, I know...we're going to have major counseling bills later....

Mom made a creepy zombie....

Speaking of zombies...My mom took me to "Thriller" at Tuacahn for the first time, it was AWESOME!! I loved it. But it was the first COLD night here. We were freezing!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Annual Girls Day in Springdale!

My mom, Madison, and I, have gone to Springdale each fall for the past few years. Its fun to just stop at all the shops, eat lunch, and make new memories together. Kai had a couple breakdowns that were frustrating, but did fairly well.

Kai calls this a "Fuffalo"
We went to the wildlife museum. Kai wouldn't let me put him down. He was pretty freaked out.

Looks like I'm getting a Bear head massage...

Kai has been allowed to come on the girls trip, but I think my mom says he's done now. Next year, baby girl can go! :D