Monday, April 27, 2009


Lelah Riley was born on Friday, April 24th. She is 5 lbs 15 oz, and 19 1/2". She was 2 and a half weeks early, which means I just have that much longer now. :/ You see, Jalee was due 15 weeks before me, but since she was early, I still have 17 weeks left!! BLAH. Anyway, I went to see Lelah Friday night, but she was in the NICU because the respitory therapist wanted to watch her closer, so I didn't get to see her until around noon the next day. She's so tiny and so pretty. I expected her to look just like her siblings did, but she didn't! She's got kind of strawberry blonde hair (and very little of it), and everyone says she looks like Jalee's grandma. But of course I had to ask Lelah if she'd talked to her future cousin and found out his name...she kept quiet...figures.
This weekend, I had been looking at my kitchen floor thinking, "I need to really clean this darn thing". So finally I got to it. I hate mops, don't really beleive in them (they just push the dirt around), so I sweep and wet swiffer my floors, but every few weeks I just have to get down and scrub it with a sponge. So Sunday was the day. grrrrr. I hate doing it!! And I've put it off too long, being pregnant and not feeling good and all. So I got down on my butt and did it. I sat on my butt the whole time because I have a bad knee that won't allow me to kneel on it. So I scooted around with Gizmo bugging me the whole time, trying to get close to the action. It took me an hour and a half!!! GOOD HELL!! When I finally got up, I could barely stand and barely walk. My hips and legs hurt so bad. Today was very painful too. Getting out of bed, I remembered the pain, "OH NO, that HURTS". Stupid dirty textured crappy linolium. At least I have a very clean kitchen floor now....lets just see how long that lasts.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

8 things...and stuff..

I filled this out Tuesday, and now finally posting it....

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1. Our Baby!
2. Going to the lake this summer!
3. Hopefully getting in a trip to Lake Powell this summer
4. Working towards buying a house
5. Forcing my mom to do even the smallest road trip this summer
7. Family and friend BBQs
8. Did I mention Summer??
8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Drug myself out of bed
2. Went to work
3. Closed Payroll, cussed some people under my breath
4. Bunch of us when to lunch with Darrick
5. Worked more, cussed more people under my breath
6. Went to the grocery store
7. Made a quiche!! Yes, my first one ever!
8. Relaxed on the couch with Rob and Gizmo
8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Be at Lake Powell
2. Lay on a blanket in the grass and relax in the sun!
3. Fit in clothes
4. Travel all the time (for free!)
5. Be at 5 places at once
6. Spend more time with the family
7. Make money without working
8. Be a stay-at-home mom.
8 Shows I watch:
1. Survivor
2. Amazing Race
3. How I met your mother
4. Nitro Circus
5. Ghost Whisperer
6. Biggest Loser
7. Criminal Minds
8. American Idol

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

22 weeks: good/bad

22 weeks and 2 days down…17 weeks and 5 days left. Crazy to think of it as time left.

Some positive things lately: 1) I’m starting to feel the slightest movements in my tummy. 2) I feel pretty good for the most part, especially if I am wearing clothes that aren’t squeezing me too much. 3) AND now that it’s getting warmer out, I have skirts with elastic and other stuff that actually can fit me! 4) I’m definitely looking more pregnant than fat. I actually had my first stranger comment on my belly, I was at Albertsons, and the checker said, “when’s your baby due?” It was nice not to have to say, “I’m not pregnant, just fat”. Like I had to with the couple customers a week at Wells Fargo that would have to put their feet in their mouths because I had gained weight.
Some negatives lately: 1) Rob still hasn’t been able to feel the baby move (sad). 2) We still don’t know about a name for the baby. 3) We had to get rid of our old Love Sac, because it was hanging out in the room we’re going to use for the baby, and we had to accept that there was no way we were going to be able to fix the fact that LaFawnda had completely ruined it by peeing all over it about 30 times or more. It was really hard to just get rid of it. We only bought it like 3 years ago, and I loved it! Not to mention, it was just throwing away $400. And now we are back to not having enough furniture in our living room…just a couch. We need a rocker/recliner, then I can rock the baby!

4) I thought I was supposed to have more energy this trimester, but I’m always sooo tired! Might be due to the fact that I haven’t been sleeping well. I had been taking Unisom every night, but I stopped because I realized I shouldn’t be doing it EVERY night, dang it. 5) I have been having some major round ligament pain mostly on the left side. Its killing me! 6) My bras are breaking! (and hurting me in the meantime)
BUT, now that I’ve been feeling pretty good, no longer nauseous, I have been more experimental with foods. This last weekend we were watching an episode of “Guy’s Big Bite” that Rob had recorded, and he made some yummy looking pot pies. So we just had to try making them.

They were way good.
Then yesterday for some reason I wanted to make a quiche. I’ve never made one before, and have only eaten one once. A little frozen one you reheat from Costco, it was ok, but for some reason I wanted to try making one. So I got the stuff and made a chicken and broccoli one. It was GOOD! This is good, I gotta keep trying all this new stuff, so we have a bigger list of possible dinners. We make such basic stuff all the time (spaghetti, tacos, steak, variations of chicken). But this will hopefully get our children to eat many different things.
Lately I’ve been craving a lot of fruits. We finally got our first watermelon of the year, and it is a really good one! And salads. There are still some days that nothing really sounds good, but usually a salad always sounds good.

It's spring for sure, poor birdies are getting tossed out of their nests! This made me sad the other day....and made it hard to pull apart the rotisserie chicken for the pot pies...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The big REVEAL!!!

PHEW!!! It's official! IT’S A BOY!!!!
I was so worried that we still weren’t going to be able to see the gender! I drank a soda and water before I went to my ultrasound, so he was pretty active from the sugar but still kept his legs pretty close together, but she got a quick couple shots right at first, but then couldn’t get another look after that. The umbilical cord kept pulling his stuff up against him, so you couldn’t see it. He’s so naughty! I can tell we’re going to have a difficult child!! :P And Sharise is convinced that his name is Eugene (have no clue where she came up with that), but NO it’s NOT his name! :P We aren’t set on a name yet, but Eugene is not one on my list. But if I call him that to her, it keeps her quiet, so that’s fine. Its so cool to see the ultrasound when he’s so active. And I could feel some of his movements when I was on my side, and she had the ultrasound wand against my uterus. Rob was all excited and looking at the pictures we got, satisfied that his equipment is there! Rob’s mom got us some cute little Nike’s! I’m so excited.
Easter was good, we had a pot luck lunch at my mom’s house on Saturday, with lots of good food. But we missed the kids doing the egg hunt because they did it so fast in the yard, and we didn’t even know they started.
Here's Jalee and Josh helping the kids empty their eggs:

Owen, being a goof:

We got a little family picture, but I’ll have to wait until I can get it from mom, then I’ll post it. Me and Jalee had our pregnant bellies squished against eachother in the picture. Heehee She’s got 4 weeks left, unless she pops early, which she is convinced of. Seeing little Lelah, will make me even more excited for our baby, I can’t wait!! Another neice!! YAY!
I am now 21 weeks, and over half way there!! Clothes are fitting less and less….dang it!! I’m just glad its getting warmer so I can easily wear some skirts that are elastic topped!! And I have a couple maternity capris, so I’m ready for this summer!! I just need a maternity swim suit. I’m keeping my eye out for a inexpensive cute one!
The other day we had to bathe Gizmo because he smelled like a FOOT!!
So we got some pics of the aftermath. He was a little upset! :P

And he looks hilariously evil while licking himself in this one, please ignore the cat litter on the floor! It looks nasty:

And a couple weeks ago I was resting and he slept on me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ultrasound and Anniversary

So I was hoping that today I could make a more official announcement. “IT’S A BOY”. But I can’t confidently do that now. We went to our ultrasound yesterday with both of our moms in tow, hoping to get a good show. But the baby was all balled up as low as he/she could get. We tried shaking my stomach, rolling all kinds of ways, but the baby was not budging. The ultrasound tech was able to get measurements, and the baby was measuring at exactly 20 weeks. Which is one day behind what I was estimating, so we’ll stick with the same August 23rd due date. (She said it could be a difference of even just 6 hours). She finally got a shot of what she thought were girl parts. WHAT?!?! So I told her what the other tech had said, so she said, “What are you doing at 5 today?” and I said, “getting off work” so she told me to drink something sugary and come back after work. So I did just that, and we went back. And what then? Well, nothing really. Dang it! She thought for a second she saw a sack and penis, but then took that back when she couldn’t see it again, and thought “That might just be swollen labia and the cord” FREAK!! The baby was still mostly balled up and we couldn’t see much. She poked around forever and still couldn’t be sure if she was seeing a sack or swollen girl parts! So she told me to come back in a week and maybe the baby would cooperate more. My stomach is a little sore from all the poking and proding (we were doing all we could to get that baby to expose something). So next Monday, around lunchtime I go back and hope we can see something! If not…I guess we’ll get a big surprise at the delivery! It just sucks, because I wanted to be more prepared. I guess we’ll hope we get a big reveal next week. The ultrasound tech said the baby was “Being a bad baby”….Guess the first thing we’ll need to do is hand out punishment when this baby is here! J/k. More sad news for me: the placenta is on the front wall of the uterus! So that’s why I’m not feeling a lot of movement! Dang placenta!! But I guess, either way, I should start feeling a lot in the next couple weeks regardless, the tech said. I was pretty concerned that I ‘d be charge some huge amount to go in next week, but I called today and there won’t be a charge! PHEW!! I was awake all night worried about it, thinking I wouldn’t be able to get it done. So MAYBE I'll have some news next monday!! I HOPE!!

On another note, Rob and my FIRST ANNIVERSARY was sunday!!! One whole year!! WOW, that just flew right by. I was a little sad thinking about how long it's been, and I'd love to relive the day! It was the best day of my life so far!!

We went to Vegas Saturday. We stayed at Imperial Palace. We did some walking around, had dinner, and walked a little way down the strip and back. WOW, my hips, legs, and feet hurt soo bad! So when we got back to the hotel I soaked in the crappy tub for a few minutes, which helped a little. I didn't sleep good at all, in a queen, when I'm too spoiled with my king! And the bed was hard, and I woke up several times with VERY sore hips. But we had good breakfast the next day and headed home in the afternoon. We had dinner at this place we found about 4 years ago there, Roy's Hawaiian Fusion. A little pricey, but very good! Rob got me some beautiful earrings and a sweet card. He's so good. My friend, Robyn, asked if he could give guys lessons, since he's so good! :P I have to admit, he knows what he's doing in the gift department! We also dug into our wedding cake top that night. It was GOOD!!! Rob's mom did an excellent job of wrapping it so that it didn't get freezer burn, and it was moist and delicious!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

19 weeks

Ok, I'm a slacker. I haven't blogged in a while. I've been feeling pretty good lately, but when it comes to eating, for the most part nothing sounds good. Except for fruits and vegetables, for the most part. And one of my favorite things right now is 'Spoon Me' MMM MMM Good!!

I haven't been sleeping all that great either, so the half a unisom at night has been very helpful...and earplugs. (Won't be doing that for long, huh?) Gotta get all the sleep possible while I can.
Our first anniversary is this Sunday!! So I get to thaw out our cake top and eat it, hopefully its good. I don't know what we're doing yet, we might stay the night in Vegas. We'll see. We really wanted to do something, since its our FIRST! Its crazy how fast this year has gone by and now we're expecting a baby! Crazy.
I have another ultrasound on monday, They'll be checking my cervix again (sorry guys), and measure the baby, and be able to tell better if it's really a boy!! YAY!! It will be fun to get another look. Rob's mom is coming this time too, along with my mom, so I'm excited.
And here I am at 19 weeks: I think I might be looking a little pregnant now instead of fat :P