Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yesterday for my mom's b-day, April, Jalee, Madison, and I, took mom out to Cafe Rio for lunch! Mom got a way nice camera from Dave, so she wanted to take it by Mark's photo shop to get some pointers on using it and get the RIGHT memory card. Once we dropped mom off, April and I went to the party supply store. We had talked about having a surprise party for mom's 50th for a while, but slacked on the planning. So it was just our family there, minus Josh (he had to work in Vegas). But it was fun anyway.

Dave took mom to dinner, and when she got home we had all the lights off, but jumped out and surprised her.

I think Skylar, Gwennie, and Owen really liked that part...but not more than running around like a bunch of crazies with the balloons! They were so funny.

It was kind of nice just having us and kicking back. I made a cake, so we ate that and sat and talked.

April's gift bag had a rotating number on it, for several ages, and mom decided she wanted to be 30 today.... :P
We all signed a pair of "Granny Panties" for mom too, pink silky ones. Mom put them on over her clothes and modeled them, it was funny, I got a picture but Dave threatened my life if I posted the picture of it on ANY site. Dang it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

For my Best Friend.....Happy Birthday

When I was in kindergarten, we did these little pictures with our handprints and a saying that was similar to this one:

Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small
And always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls
But every day I'm growing
I'll be grown up some day
And all those tiny handprints
Will surely fade away
So here's a final handprint
Just so you can recall
Exactly how my fingers looked
When I was very small.

My mom turns 50 tomorrow, October 25th. I just wanted to take a minute to tell her Happy Birthday and tell her how much I love her. She has done so much for me and I could never thank her enough. She is so amazing and I look up to her so much. We have shared some good times and we will share many more. We need to just go on a road trip once a year and that will help keep us sane. Our road trips are the best! We can just let loose, laugh, talk, and have a blast! I look forward to our next one!

Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you.


So today was the 90s. And like I said, the first thing that came to mind was "grunge". So I wore Rob's pants and a pair of big shoes (because I don't have my Doc Martens anymore!!), and of course the flannel around my waist. I also had my "bottle cap/seat belt" belt on...ahahaha. Today I felt more like a moron than the other days this week. I think it was because the other days were more "out there" and today was a little more close to actually HOW I dressed in middle school. So, that was a little weird. I had a hard time with feeling like a complete idiot in something I used to leave the house in....I dunno....hard to explain. The other days, no I didn't want to like go to the store or anything dressed like that, but today was more like someone might think "oh, not a costume, just someone who's NOT with the times!!"
Anyway......That's diversity week!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A new Nephew!

This weekend my sister, Lizzi, had her baby! Aidyn Reece Fortner was born 7 lbs 4 oz, 21 1/4 inches. I have only gotten a text from Lizzi, and from her myspace pictures I can tell she's been exhausted. So I hope she's getting rested up! Congratulations Matt and Lizzi, and WELCOME AIDYN!!!

AND my pseudo-sister, Andee had her baby today around 3!! Welcome Little Ethan!!! I can't wait to see both little babies!! CONGRATS Andee and Steve!!!!
I love you guys!!! ***This is Andee's picture, and I'm not sure who took it to give the credit to, but I hope you guys don't mind that I posted it, its just too cute!!**


Totally Rad!!!!

Notice the "rainbow stripe" eyeshadow!! Today was the 80s day. It was awesome. I had so much inspiration growing up with my mom always all decked out, being in a band, and sadly...the only thing I had to BUY for the outfit was the socks and the stripped shirt. Everything else I had already (and April borrowed me the black necklace).
There were a lot of people that dressed up. Even our Admissions Coordinator, Paula did. And I did NOT think she would!

She said she felt like a moron, but figured if our Receptionist could dress up on 60’s day, then she’d be inspired and go with the group! And she looked so awesome! I sat and talked to her for a while today and the stories she tells and the way she tells them is soooo funny! I was laughing so hard I almost cried off my fake eyelashes!
Rebecca and I:

I kept forgetting that I was dressed up, until people would look at me funny in the halls. And my favorite resident that said I was “sexy” yesterday couldn’t stop laughing at me today. It was funny.
I had to borrow my sisters hair waver because no one I know has a crimper, but the waver worked nicely! I had so many layers of clothes on though, I was afraid to go to the bathroom! Made me think of the 90’s and the bodysuits that were sometimes a pain…BUT your shirt stayed tucked in!!! I did like that part! So tomorrow I’m thinking I’ll go grunge. That’s what I first thought of when I thought 90s. Every week needs to be this exciting. OR maybe I need to get a life that involves more excitement than dressing up like a dork everyday! Wow, I suck. I need a dog….so I can dress IT up! :D


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So today was 70's day. This pic isn't the greatest, but oh well, you get the idea. I had my hair feathered back, but this was after work, so by then, it was flat. A couple people said it looked like I had stepped out of "Dazed and Confused". Tomorrow will be fun with the 80's though!! I just hope my hair can take it!! I think it's really mad right now, from the ratting yesterday, and the part in the middle with my bangs feathered, then tomorrow all 80s'ed out....I think my hair might just want to pack its bags and leave me. :P I didn't get a group shot today, not as many people were decked out. There will be more tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some good shots. One of my favorite residents said I looked "Sexy" today. HAHAHA. I kept thinking "Inappropriate, inappropriate". But I didn't say anything. He always hits on me. Hes a 40-something that had a stroke, so he's pretty with it, he's funny. Anyway....Peace out, man!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And that's how the migraine crumbles

This last weekend was pretty good. I got to go out to lunch with my mom, while Rob and his dad watched football at our house. I always enjoy hanging out with my mom. Then Sunday I baked cookies! I haven’t made cookies in quite a while. I found a recipe that was similar to the one my mom made when I was little. Of course Rob attacked the dough (it WAS good), and ate several cookies!

This week at work we’re doing Diversity week, and each day is a different theme. Monday is 50s day, Tuesday is 60s, Wednesday is 70s, Thursday is 80s, and Friday is 90s. So Sunday night I decided to go get a plain white t-shirt for 50’s day, so I went to Wal-mart. As I was looking around….is that what I think it is???

NOOOOOOO….. Blind spots….one of my tell-tale signs that I have a migraine creeping in! So I hurried home, and called Rob on my way so that he could go get me a Pepsi (he’s so good). And I hurried home to search for one of my sample migraine pills. My Dr. gave me a few to try. All I had left was an Imitrex, which I haven’t tried yet. The pain set in after I took it, so I laid on the couch with a blanket over my head. I just have to block everything out when I start getting a migraine. The Imitrex didn’t work as well as some of the samples I’ve tried. I felt really crappy, and my head still hurt, and eventually (as usual) I threw up. Which makes the head ache even more! With all the caffeine I got in me (Rob ended up getting me a Pepsi MAX), it usually doesn’t effect me, but I had a hard time getting to sleep. The next day I still had mild blind spots (very unusual for me), but I had to go to work to start closing the payroll for the period. I left early though, because my head still hurt, and if I coughed or sneezed, I about died! Today the head is MUCH better.

Since its 60’s day, I have my hair all big.

I was dressed up yesterday for 50s but I wasn’t up for a camera flash, so I didn’t get a pic of it. I’ll try to get pictures every day to post. It’s great, there are a lot of people participating, which makes it fun. One of my favorite residents kept laughing at my hair, he said it looked pretty normal from the front, but when I turned my head, he couldn’t stop laughing. :P At least I’m entertaining SOMEONE.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Belly Dancing

I have a pass to the Rec Center here in Washington, and my mom convinced me to go with her to a belly dancing class.

I’ve always thought it might be fun to try, but the room they do the classes in here is in the middle of the Rec Center, and has a few windows. So as people walk around the facility, they can see how lame you look. It was an interesting class, but I don’t think MY body likes to move the way belly dancing requires. I can do some of the stuff, but mostly I just look like someone who’s having a seizure. And my mom looks like she has severe Parkinson’s. Maybe we just need the bigger hip spread and a butt. Last week when we went there were two other people with us. This time it was just us. And its time for the Senior Games here, and they were having some of the events there. So the place was packed but it was just me and mom for belly dancing this week. Rob came to the Rec Center and just worked out. Thank goodness he didn't come watch. Some other random boys kept sitting by the window though.

I felt so dorky. I seriously cannot move my body in some of the ways they do. And she keeps saying to tuck your butt under....How can you when you DON'T HAVE ONE TO TUCK!?! Bah....Maybe we gotta go get those underwear with the built in butt.

I've been saying for years I'd love to get butt implants....or they could just slide my love-handles down. My body shape is so awkward. I have a HIGH butt crack, and no butt, so my pants slide down, with the help of the love handles pushing them down...

But I've seen the recent style of the "Mom Jean's" coming out....really high waisted...there go my problems....or not??

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sick hubby

My poor husband got a cold and it hit him HARD. Fortunately the cold meds we’ve gotten have kept him from coughing all night, but it did knock him out last night when we were watching TV. He had eaten a snack pack of Raisenets right before he fell asleep. After a while, he woke up a little, and I noticed something all over his arm. “What is ON you??” I asked. He was half-awake, “nothing” and I tried to grab his arm and he was not awake enough to know what I was doing, and I realized it was Chocolate. It was on his forearm, his elbow, by his armpit, and on his back (he usually hangs out all night without a shirt on). It was also all over our leather couch. He lost a Raisenet or two and it had melted on him. So I made him wake up and come in the kitchen so I could clean it off, and he was like, “It is NOT everywhere, don’t worry about it” then he saw how much was on the couch. So I had to wipe him off and clean off the couch. He kept walking away while I was cleaning it off of him, I think he was a little out of it. It felt like I was dealing with a small, sick child. Poor Rob. He’d be mad if he knew I was blogging about this, but that’s what he gets for giving me something to laugh at! At least I know how I ‘d handle a child covered in chocolate on the leather couch!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The headache

It is mostly gone, but it has been lingering on. So about 2 weeks now. Its definitely BETTER, but not 100%. Freaking dumb headache!! :(
A new Executive Director started this week at my work, and he seems pretty cool, so I hope that helps with de-stressing. Even though I didn't realize I was stressed enough to have a tension headache for 2 weeks. Other than that...hmm....Its been in the 90 degree bracket here in the desert for a while and today it rained. Its pretty cold too... I am wearing real shoes with SOCKS (I'm a flip-flop freak), and a long sleeve shirt. The forecast for this week says 70s and 80s. So maybe we're now permanently out of the 90s+. DANG!!! I hate Autumn...its always been depressing for me. I love the summer, so seeing it end is hard. But I gotta be positive.
As of tomorrow Rob and I will have been married 6 MONTHS! Crazy, its going by fast. Now we just have to get things ready for April's wedding in March. I guess helping with that will keep my mind occupied until helped last year (planning mine).


I was tagged by Megan. Here are the rules: Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

I don't know if I even have anything interesting enough....but here goes....

1) I play with my hair constantly. My mom even makes fun of me for it. I've done it like since I was like 5 or 6, I tell my mom it's a security issue, because it started around when my parents started fighting a lot. I just pick at it and play with it, and I used to pull it out, so maybe mild trichotillomania.

2) When I get home from work I usually start cleaning the house, the kitchen, anything before I sit down and relax. I think Rob has a hard time with it because he always thinks I'm mad, but I just can't sit and relax if I know there's dishes in the sink, or the counter is dirty, or whatever. After dinner, sometimes I'm not as bad, so its the night before's mess that I'm usually cleaning.

3) I rub my feet together a lot. I dont know if I'm trying to start a fire or what, but I do it subconsciously. I don't think I ever really noticed until one of my friends pointed it out, I just sit and do it slowly, and she's like "What are you DOING??" But then we went to Oregon and visited my dad and he played us some songs on the guitar and sang and I looked down, and he was doing it!

4) If I drink soda, I LOVE it from a can. I dont know why, I just do. And I once heard of a guy drinking a soda, and a bee got in it, so I only open it like a TINY bit, just enough to get the soda to barely come out. Rob thinks its weird, and if I ever have him open it for me, I have to remind him not to do it all the way. I'm not the weird one though! He turns the tab sideways on his it doesn't hit his'd think I married Pinochio.

5) I have a moisture fetish....I have to have lotion and chapstick all the time. Lotion for if I wash my hands, I'll have to put lotion on. And I put chapstick on like 87 times a day. If I leave the house with out my chapstick and we're not close to home, I HAVE to stop and buy some. I'm a freak. So I have like 5 chapsticks lying around the house.

6) I almost forgot...I don't like to open biscuit cans. The ones where you tear away the paper and they pop. You never know when it's going to pop, so it kind of scares me....I just don't like it. But, people like to tease me, so I hand them the biscuits and run into another room to hide, because they'll chase me with the dang can until it opens. RUDE!
I tag Jalee, Jase, Reese, Mom, Shawna, and Lizard