Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yesterday for my mom's b-day, April, Jalee, Madison, and I, took mom out to Cafe Rio for lunch! Mom got a way nice camera from Dave, so she wanted to take it by Mark's photo shop to get some pointers on using it and get the RIGHT memory card. Once we dropped mom off, April and I went to the party supply store. We had talked about having a surprise party for mom's 50th for a while, but slacked on the planning. So it was just our family there, minus Josh (he had to work in Vegas). But it was fun anyway.

Dave took mom to dinner, and when she got home we had all the lights off, but jumped out and surprised her.

I think Skylar, Gwennie, and Owen really liked that part...but not more than running around like a bunch of crazies with the balloons! They were so funny.

It was kind of nice just having us and kicking back. I made a cake, so we ate that and sat and talked.

April's gift bag had a rotating number on it, for several ages, and mom decided she wanted to be 30 today.... :P
We all signed a pair of "Granny Panties" for mom too, pink silky ones. Mom put them on over her clothes and modeled them, it was funny, I got a picture but Dave threatened my life if I posted the picture of it on ANY site. Dang it.


Megan said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! I can't believe she is only 50 (not because she looks older, which she doesn't) but just because you are older than me and my mom is older than 50. LOL. What a good daughter you are throw a fun party like that. Granny panties and all :)

Kris said...

I'm kinda glad he threatened you! I was a happy camper! Thank you again!