Friday, April 20, 2012

33 weeks pregnant JANUARY 2012

I started writing this post in January...I figure I'll post it anyway since its moldy... :D
I am now 33 weeks along. A couple appointments ago my dr said my Iron was low, they wanted me to start an Iron supplement. So I did. The next appointment last month, they said I was Anemic. So apparently the Iron supplement wasn't enough. Yay....(sarcasm).

Then, 2 weeks ago I had to do the 3 hour glucose test because I failed the first one. The next week they called to tell me that of the 4 blood draws, one was high, so that made me "borderline" for Gestational Diabetes. They wanted me to go to a diabetic clinic for a consultation.
UGH. Really??
So NOW I am checking my blood sugar 4x a day and when I went back in to the diabetes clinic today for a follow-up, they told me that my morning/fasting levels are higher than they like, so I am starting on a pill to help my body use my own insulin better. Hopefully this helps. I dont want a 10+ pound baby!! :S
This past week I've had a few contractions, I'm thinking just Braxton Hicks, but sometimes they're like 5-ish minutes apart and I start to get a little panicky, and then they stop. I didn't really have Braxton Hicks with Kai so this is making me a little stressed (which is not good on the blood sugar either! BAH!!)
I'm also getting nervous about how Kai is going to handle all this. He can be pretty violent and rough with us, and I swear does NOT understand "gentle" so we're going to have to keep the baby on top of the fridge out of his reach! ;)  Kidding, folks.
When I was pregnant with Kai they put me on bedrest 17 days before my due date, which would be toward the end of February if that happened this time. Crazy! And I had Kai 4 days early. I have another appointment with Dr. Lunt in a week, so I'll ask him how much this blood sugar damage might play in the timing of it all. Last time it was my high blood pressure that was the issue. This time my blood pressure has been fine. I've started swelling a little bit recently though. But not like I was with Kai!