Friday, August 17, 2012

Jason Frederick Zimmerman

Jason Frederick Zimmerman
(September 9, 1970 - August 11, 2012)

Jason Frederick Zimmerman
Jason Fredrick Zimmerman was born September 9, 1970 in San Francisco, CA, to George D. Zimmerman and Kathleen Scott. He died at the age of 41, Saturday morning, August 11, 2012, at his father’s home in Sandpoint, ID.
Some of you will recognize his name. Maybe he was a childhood friend, a high-school crush, a college roommate, peer, or fellow teacher. Maybe he was your teacher.
Others, for whom this name does not bring immediate recognition or a flood of memories, will likely move on—possibly not even making it as far as this sentence.
But to those of us who knew him, he was a phenominal teacher, an inspiring mentor, a worthy and idolized role model, an adventerous travel companion. He was a champion of students. A brother. A friend.
He grew up in the Northwest, served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in St. Louis, Missiouri; and, in 2000, he graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Elementary Education. He was the first in his family to complete college.
In the 12 years since graduating from BYU, he taught 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades in the Provo School District, worked countless volunteer hours in after-school and out-of-the-classroom programs, graduated with a Master Degree in Technology, and received numerous awards honoring his ability and passion for teaching. He fostered a comfortable learning environment where students felt good about themselves, were motivated to succeed, gained an appreciation for hard work, were inspired to learn—and had fun doing it. Teaching, nurturing and encouraging were his passion.  Jason was an avid and talented photographer. His ability to both see and capture the beauty around him with his camera was only matched by his inherent knack for doing the same with the people he met. The lonely deserts of southern Utah and forgotten back roads of nowhere were his safe haven. He documented his adventures in photography and poetic prose—much of which he would post for the world to see and read on his blog.
As a teacher and mentor, Jason taught us to see no limits to our potential. As a friend, he loved unconditionally. His influence will forever be felt in the lives of those who are better, wiser and kinder for having known him.
Jason was preceded in death by a younger brother, Simon, who died at birth July 1, 1988. And by his mother, Arlene Zimmerman, who died at the age of 64 after a long battle to cancer only three years ago last month. He is survived by his father George Zimmerman and his wife; his mother Kathleen Roesler and her husband; and his siblings Shawna Gregg, Yancy Zimmerman, Miya Edwards, and Lucie Zimmerman.
Services for the family will be held Friday, Aug. 17, 2012, at Coffelt Funeral Home, 109 N. Division Ave., Sandpoint, ID, 83864. The viewing will be 10:00–11:00 a.m. and the funeral at 11 a.m. Burial will take place at Pack River Cemetery.
Utah memorial details to follow

Sunday, August 12, 2012

No words

I have a couple posts I've been trying to edit (as if I have time), that I will try to get to soon. I am missing blogging and need to do it more.
But today, I just had to put it somewhere.

I am heartbroken.
Its a horrible feeling.
I know so many more people are hurting, many more than I am. And they're all in my thoughts and prayers.
Please tell the people in your lives what they mean to you. You may think they already know.
Or you may think you'll get the chance soon.
Don't wait. Do it now.

I just have to say, anyone who reads my blog, I love you for taking interest.
And I love you for sharing.
I love you for being you.
You have no idea how amazing you are.

Friday, April 20, 2012

33 weeks pregnant JANUARY 2012

I started writing this post in January...I figure I'll post it anyway since its moldy... :D
I am now 33 weeks along. A couple appointments ago my dr said my Iron was low, they wanted me to start an Iron supplement. So I did. The next appointment last month, they said I was Anemic. So apparently the Iron supplement wasn't enough. Yay....(sarcasm).

Then, 2 weeks ago I had to do the 3 hour glucose test because I failed the first one. The next week they called to tell me that of the 4 blood draws, one was high, so that made me "borderline" for Gestational Diabetes. They wanted me to go to a diabetic clinic for a consultation.
UGH. Really??
So NOW I am checking my blood sugar 4x a day and when I went back in to the diabetes clinic today for a follow-up, they told me that my morning/fasting levels are higher than they like, so I am starting on a pill to help my body use my own insulin better. Hopefully this helps. I dont want a 10+ pound baby!! :S
This past week I've had a few contractions, I'm thinking just Braxton Hicks, but sometimes they're like 5-ish minutes apart and I start to get a little panicky, and then they stop. I didn't really have Braxton Hicks with Kai so this is making me a little stressed (which is not good on the blood sugar either! BAH!!)
I'm also getting nervous about how Kai is going to handle all this. He can be pretty violent and rough with us, and I swear does NOT understand "gentle" so we're going to have to keep the baby on top of the fridge out of his reach! ;)  Kidding, folks.
When I was pregnant with Kai they put me on bedrest 17 days before my due date, which would be toward the end of February if that happened this time. Crazy! And I had Kai 4 days early. I have another appointment with Dr. Lunt in a week, so I'll ask him how much this blood sugar damage might play in the timing of it all. Last time it was my high blood pressure that was the issue. This time my blood pressure has been fine. I've started swelling a little bit recently though. But not like I was with Kai!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Holidays

Ok....I slacked a little.
I didn't send any greeting cards. I DID give them to people here, because I had time to do that...So for those of you NOT in St. George...Pretend this is hanging on your fridge....

Much Love...

Christmas Weekend

Before Christmas I wanted to make sure we did one of my favorite things.
Put together a gingerbread house. I wasn't sure if Kai could focus long enough. But he really seemed to enjoy it! :D
You can see where Kai took a bite out of the top of the roof...

He actually put SOME candy on the house...but most went into his mouth...

{December 24, 25, 26}

We had 3 Christmases. 3.
Christmas Eve we went to Rob's parents house to do our gift exchange with them. Had dinner and got entertained by Kai. He was such a goof. He got spoiled with a Cars light from Uncle Danny, an R/C police car and Lion King from Grandma and Grandpa, and a Lego wagon and cape/mask from Aunt Michelle, Uncle Russ, and the girls.
{Christmas Eve}

Super Momma

Once Kai had the cape and mask on...he didn't want it off...He slept in it that night. It was so dang cute!

{Christmas Day}

Happy boy Christmas morning with Car Pez

Kai's new boots and mom's new slippers!!

Dad's headphones

{At moms}

Kai LOVED his Cars blanket from Grandma and Grandpa

And Police car
Jackson didn't want Kai stealing his toys
Got Maddie and Brycen tickets to go see Real Salt Lake Soccer!

{Dec. 26th, Celebrating Jackson's b-day}

Jackson's Birthday is Jan. 2nd, but we wanted to celebrate it while they were in town.
Kai got him a MACK!!!
Kai liked Jackson's bunny

Reading with Grandpa

Christmas was great. I'm kind of glad December is done though. There was a lot going on!
Kai got SO spoiled and is still loving all his goodies!
Rob got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I am LOVING IT!!!
If anyone has some good suggestions for reading, lay 'em on me :D