Friday, March 19, 2010

The tooth

I could tell Kai had a tooth coming, he was very cranky, always chewing on stuff hard, and his gums were swollen. Finally on Saturday I put my finger in his mouth to put some Oragel on his gums, and I could feel the ridges of the tooth! It had finally broke through!! Since then he’s been much happier. All last week he didn’t sleep through the night and after the tooth, he is back to sleeping through the night again! THANK GOODNESS. We’ve even had many nights that if he doesn’t fall right asleep at the end of his last bottle, I’ll just put him down in his crib. He usually falls asleep after 10-30 minutes of babbling to himself. At first we had to keep going in his room to put his binky back in his mouth, but lately he just goes to sleep after a while. My mom got him a little musical projector that shines on the ceiling, and that has helped a lot, as I figured it would.
Last Saturday was also the First birthday party for my friend, Cami’s, daughter, who I say is Kai’s girlfriend. She’s adorable. Its crazy how quickly Kai is growing. He's be 7 months old today! (technically yesterday here now.) March 19th is also my dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!

I guess I’ll update what Kai is doing:
He can sit up on his own, for quite a while (He even sat back up after falling back on the Boppy).
He can now go every direction in his walker, and RUNS in it! He’ll chase you around the house, he knows exactly how to get where he wants to go.
He has eaten pretty much every 1st stage food and LOVES them ALL (I haven’t tried the meats yet, because everyone has said to wait on those…)
He is a VERY good eater, he gobbles up his food in no time!
I started introducing him to sippy cups, but he hasn’t been very interested in them, except today he drank quite a bit of juice from it, mostly he’s wanted to chew on the spout.
He is doing very well at grabbing items and turning things over to look at (and chew on) all sides of them.
He babbles, sings, and SCREAMS (happily) quite often. In the car, he’ll sing himself to sleep.
He says “Da-da-da-da”, even after we do sometimes, but I don’t think he knows what it means. He hasn’t quite said “Ma-Ma” yet. He’ll copy us and say “Blah-blah-blah” and I swear he tried to say “Bath” when we’ve said it.
He blows (or maybe he’s trying to whistle, lol).
He LOVES to laugh, especially at Rob! He LOVES his Daddy SOO much! (And Rob is such a good dad! And Rob loves to make Kai laugh).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Results are in!

Kai has severe reflux. No bueno. The doctor said that he didn't see any structural abnormalities or damage from the reflux. So twice a day I have to give him a perscription antacid. We need to feed him less, more often (easier said than done, because he's a HUNGRY HIPPO!! He cries like you've beat him, if you take his food away before he's done), we need to burp him more often, and also keep him upright for a while after he's eaten. Its hard to say how much better it is so far, because we've only had the perscription since last night. But I am sure it'll be better now. Kai started walking backwards in his walker last month, well a week or two ago he started going forward a bit, then all the sudden yesterday, he started running all over. He goes so fast across our wood floors and he wants to get into EVERYTHING! He was trying to pull on the trash, open all the cupboards, play on the computer, mess with the printer, chase the cats...its insane! Hes so funny, once he's figured something out, he's all over it! When I got home from work Rob said "Your son is running everywhere!!" so I had to get a little video of it. He's so cute!