Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tagged.....8 things......

8 Things I'm Passionate About..........
1. ROB
2. Family
3. Beleifs
4. Love
5. Friends
6. Music
7. a home
8. Traveling

Music I Can Listen To Over and Over Again.....
1. Pink Floyd
2. Pinback
3. Duncan Sheik
4. Death Cab For Cutie
5. 80's
6. Panic! at the disco
7. Red Hot Chili Peppers
8. The music played at my wedding!

The past 8 books I have read.....
1. Forever Odd (reading now)
2. Odd Thomas
3. Conquering your own Goliaths
4. WebTop Training for Taleo (for a new program at work)
5. The DaVinci Code
6. You Are Special
7. Various books to my niece and nephews
8. Magazines: Bridal ones, and Cosmo

8 Things I Say Often.......
1. Sup Yo
2. ...In your pants
3. poop
4. You want a treat?
5. I love you
6. Wanna play me?
7. uh-huh-uh
8. hi frog

8 Things that attract me to a friend.....
1. Good personality
2. Beliefs
3. easy conversation
4. Laid back
5. common interests
6. good sense of humor
7. niceness
8. they want to be friends with ME

8 Random Things About Me....
1. I want a dog
2. I'm trying to de-clutter
3. I LOVE scary movies!
4. I now have BANGS (again)!! (14 years after I grew them out)
5. I have screws in my jaw
6. I have a bad knee
7. I want kids
8. I have a bad back

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die....
1. Have kids
2. Get sealed in the temple
3. Go back to England
4. Renew our vows on the beach somewhere
5. Go to Hawaii
6. Make sure my family knows how much I love them!
7. Go on more road trips with the ones I love.
8. See my kids have kids.

8 Things I Have Learned this Past Year....
1. We have a lot of work to do before we'll ever have a house! :(
2. Rob is WONDERFUL!
3. I cannot live without my amazing family!
4. Cruises are awesome!
5. Working at a care center is great!
6. Losing people sucks, but hopefully I have had a positive effect on their lives.
7. Rent is too expensive, we need to move.
8. Rock band is SUPER FUN!

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