Wednesday, March 26, 2008

10 days....

So, 10 more days until the wedding! YAY!! We went and got our marriage license because we FINALLY have someone to marry us now!!! So most everything is in place! I'm so excited. I had to sneak the bridal pictures over to my future mother-in-laws. (Rob's not allowed to see them). They look so good!! Thanks to my wonderful Matron of Honor, JALEE!!! (I love you girl!) My bridal shower is this saturday and I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!! It feels so weird that I'm getting hitched!! The ladies at my work surprised me with a very nice bridal shower on friday! That was very unexpected and fun! They're so cute! I'm so grateful that I have such wonderful friends to help with everything and help me enjoy the planning and the whole experience! THANKS!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh the dilema!!!

Ok...So I have 2 cats. Kip and LaFawnda...(hardy har har). I love my kitties, even if they don't really love me. LaFawnda has been a struggle though. She is a beautiful black cat, and is more loving than Kip. She can be so sweet. But in the last 2 years, she decided that our wonderful Lovesac is her cat-pan. We had it for about a year before she decided this too! We've cleaned and cleaned that damn thing, and she still pees on it. It is to the point that I can smell it all the time, but everyone else says they can't. Well, today on my way home, Rob calls me and says "you're going to be so mad" and I said, "oh hell, what??" and he told me that she peed on it AGAIN! AND POOPED ON IT!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?!? We bought the damn Lovesac for $425! She's freaking ruining it. Most of the time she pees in her litter box, its only once in a while that she does this. I'm at my wits end. We even took her to get fixed and guess what? she had already been fixed!!!! When I got her at the shelter they said she wasnt fixed yet. So, that's not the problem. She's done it a few times in a corner of my apartment, but it's now just on the Lovesac and NOT all the time. I've tried it all, all kinds of sprays, vinegar, putting a blanket she likes to sleep on, on the sac. So now the I take her to a shelter?? I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! :(

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bestest men

So, I feel bad because Rob's best friend is probably not coming to the wedding. He lives in Portland and they can't afford it. He was going to be Rob's best man. Rob doesn't really have any close friends here, so he just doesn't want a best man. My mom kept trying to get him to pick and he said "I don't want to talk about it anymore" So he decided the only way to have it is to have Kip, our cat in the wedding. Ok...not really. That WAS his idea (jokingly), but in all reality....Kip wouldn't be very compliant! ;) And it'd take a while to find a "kitty tux". Ah well. Poor Rob. :( Makes me sad.

Monday, March 3, 2008

32 days and 17 hours....

Thats how long until the wedding....I know....sad that I'm counting. But after 10 years and 18 days...... :P
Jalee gave me my bridals this weekend! THEY'RE SOO GOOD!! I can't post them, or a link to them, because Rob might see them...can't have that. He's not seeing the dress until the wedding!! I'm so excited because I have a lot of the stuff done for the wedding, and hopefully it'll help make it the least stressful possible. Rob fixed the song we're walking down the aisle to. It had a part in it that was just too wild, so he had to cut it out, and I was worried that it wouldn't blend together, but it does perfectly! YAY! I cannot believe that I am finally getting married! Its so crazy. I think I was so used to the idea of being single forever! All my friends were getting married off, and even though I had relationships it just seemed like a far away thing that I'd really ever be one of the married people! And Rob has been so good. When I got stressed out at the B*^$% of an alterations person at David's Bridal, he just listened to me vent, then started rubbing my shoulders to calm me down. Hes so cute. But things should work out. My dress is being cleaned and I pick it up on Sunday....which gives us time to try to rig a bustle.....can you believe it....their dresses dont just COME with it!! They want at least $60 to do one!! Whatever....gimme the hot glue gun!!! freakin hell. :D
Dont worry....I'm enjoying the ride...