Sunday, July 13, 2008

Been busy

Its been a while since I blogged, so I figured I better get on it. I changed positions at my work, so I've been working like crazy trying to figure out what I am doing! Also, we moved from an apartment into a house we're renting, so between the moving and unpacking, and not having internet for a while, I figure that's all good excuses, right?
We've been trying to get out to the lake more, too. Rob finally was able to wakeboard for the first time this summer. Poor guy, he's been so anxious to go, and I know he wishes he could go every day. I face planted so hard last year, that I've been so chicken since then to go much, or even cross the wake. I haven't gone this summer yet, I've been waiting for the water to warm up. I'll be SO SORE when I finally go!
There's been a lot of running around going on, and hopefully life will calm down a little for us.
A few weeks ago we found out that my step-dad's mom has cancer. That was kind of a shocker for us all. We're just hoping that the surgery did a lot of good, and that chemo will take care of the rest. It makes you realize even more that you need to let people know how you feel about them before its too late.
I also found out something the other day about my grandpa, who passed away about 7 years ago. He was in a care center for a few years before he passed away, and unfortunately I only got to see him twice in that time. It was hard to see him, because he had Alzheimer's and I couldn't understand him when he tried to talk to me. The only thing I understood was when I said, "I love you" he said, "I love you too". That meant a lot to me. Well, my cousin told us that some staff would steal from my grandpa at the care center. That really hit me and bothered me a lot! Maybe a lot of it is because I now work at a care center and I can't imagine someone doing that to one of our residents. It doesn't matter if they know what's going on or not. Now I know how the family would feel. I felt so upset. A few weeks ago I said to Rob, "I wonder if my grandpa was someone's favorite resident", because I have a few favorites. And Rob said, "I know he was." Rob's so sweet. And although some of the staff weren't respectful, I sure hope that he was someone's favorite.