Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's a....

Just for clarification its a baby with a pink bow. I had a lot of people thinking it was a baby with a birthmark or a cut-out placenta...So, yes....a GIRL!! We're so excited! One of each! YAY!
We're working on names, so if you have ideas...lay 'em on me!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mr. Kai...and baby too

I really should update more on new stuff Kai does. He makes me laugh :P

When we had his Dr. appointment they asked if Kai says at least 200 words. I was like...well, I dunno, does he? But when I think about it, of course he does. He has a book "Baby's first 100 words" and he can name everything in it, and says tons more than that.
He TRYS his colors, but sometimes gets them wrong. 80% of the time he can correctly name red, yellow, purple, and blue.
He loves to point back and forth from me and Rob and say "Mama....Dada....Mama.....Dada" and sometimes does it so fast that he gets backwards and then fixes it.
He loves to do "knuckles" and "spive" (he says "SP" instead of "F" almost always). The other day we were at Rob's sisters house, she has horses, and he loves to go look at them, but is a little scared. He held up his fist to the horse and said "Knuckles!" it was SOOO cute and SOOO funny!
His current favorite movies are Rio, all the Shrek movies, occationally Alvin and the Chipmunks, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and lately we've found he likes Beethoven. Rob insists Kai wants a dog. He's really been into this Elmo dvd of songs lately too.
He will color for a very short time, then he just eats the bueno! BUT he's been bringing home masterpieces from daycare....they're on the fridge :)
He's started kinda singing along to songs, it is so cute! He LOVES music. The other day he was humming a tune of one, I thought that was pretty good. He's been trying to sing "twinkle, twinkle little star" lately. Its adorable!
If I dance and tell him to dance, he tries to do what I do....hopefully that doesn't make him a bad dancer in the future....
Unfortunately he's learned he likes to pull the chair to the kitchen counter and have a utensil and pan or bowl so he can "Make it" he says. Can be annoying.....especially if the kitchen is messy. (maybe motivation to clean it more....which I have)
He still loves his baths, but started not liking his hair washed, so I'd try to act like I forgot to, he'll tell me "Hair". Heehee
Kai can give kisses, but for some reason if its not your lips, he acts like he's blowing his nose on you or something. He does that to my belly for the baby. It IS cute though ;)
We are ALMOST done with the bottle. He is just having a hard time giving up his morning one. Any tips? He freaks out if we give him a cup.
He is DONE with the binky.

This pic is at 12 1/2 weeks. I popped early, because those darn stomach muscles have not come back yet, after Kai. :P

I am 16 weeks along now and my appointment a couple weeks ago was good. Heartbeat is great, they found it instantly, and I'm measuring right on. They scheduled an ultrasound for 19 weeks, but I can pay $25 for one at 16 weeks to see the gender if I want to know earlier. So....we're doing that wednesday!! I'm too excited to wait!! Of course there's things we'd be happy about either a boy or a girl, but it'd be nice to have a girl, so we can have our one of each. Because after this, we are done. :P
People have asked us about names, but we really haven't discussed that much yet, so we will see. I need to speak to the geneologists of the family to see some family names too. I'd at least like a family name for a middle name.
Nausea is pretty much completely gone. I just can't let my stomach get completely empty, and avoid bad smells.
Kai is at a point where he likes to jump all over you, so this poor baby is going to come out black and blue, I'm afraid. Ah well....that will be his/her life for a while I am sure. :)
I'll definately post what we find out at the ultrasound.
Rob and I got a nice break, my mom watched Kai this weekend while we went up north to my cousin's wedding in Springville. It was gorgeous up there and I got to see a bunch of my family that I never see. It was wonderful! I missed Kai a TON, but it was nice to get away.
I'll post some of the pics from the wedding, and another belly shot soon I'm showing so much already! :(

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Touch of Sun

For I heart faces entry this week, the theme is "A touch of sun". This is one of the first pictures I thought of. Kai last year in his pool...