Monday, October 19, 2009

This just in....I'm a slacker!

I get so busy and tired so often now, I'm slacking on blogging. Kai's napping, but might not be for I'll update you all.
A few weeks ago Kai had a Dr. appointment at 6 weeks. He was 11 lbs, 5 oz, and 22 inches long. He's getting so big. he's in the 77th percentile in weight. That might be because I had no idea how much I should be feeding him and turns out I feed him more than my 5 month old niece eats! oops! I've tried to slowly cut down, but then Kai acts like he's starving all the time. So we're trying to work on that. Kai's been really good most nights. We've had a couple where I'm up until 1, and once I was up til 4 am, but also a couple nights where he slept for 8 hours straight. So I'm very thankful for that.
He hasn't been too happy with his swing or bouncer, which sucks, because if I want to shower I have to wait for him to fall asleep enough to put him down, and then he usually wakes up while I'm in the shower, so that's been tough. I am the kind of person who gets irritated if I can't finish something I've started, so if I start getting ready, I just want to be done with it. Hopefully it will get easier.
Kai gets his shots this week, so that will be sad for me. I feel so bad when he's hurting. He's been pretty gassy/colicky so he can get pretty fussy and pained.
My mom took some pictures of him when he was a couple weeks old, so I will post those when I have the laptop, and she just took some more pics today that I will post when I get them!
But I hear my little man stirring from his nap, so I am off!!