Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE music. And my children share my love for it as well.
And I know it sounds a little stupid, "I love music..." because really?? Who doesn't??? Its like someone NOT liking watermelon!! Craziness!!! (actually my cousin, Jason, doesn't like it. And I always thought that was strange! ;)  )

Kai makes me laugh. He has several favorite songs that are always on rotation.
See, along with music, I, too, love to sing....Now Kai isn't always a fan of this. I dont know what his deal is, but many times he'll ask tell me to stop singing. He says the funniest things sometimes!!
Just last weekend I was singing along to one of his current favorites, and he didn't like that, so he said, "Mom! Stop singing, or I'll seriously go into space, and that will hurt my peepee!"
Not sure if that has anything to do with potty-training, but it was random!
Speaking of potty training, he hasn't had ANY hint of interest in that until 2 weeks ago, he was with my friend, Amanda, and I'm not sure if it was him, or her, but he started going in the potty, and he had dry pants all day. Only once he started to poop in his pants, and finished in the toilet. He's been really trying since then. It has been amazing how his attitude has changed towards it.

Anyway...On my phone I have a play list for me, Kai, and even one for Kirra (more mellow music to calm her). The songs that Kai currently is loving are:

Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson
Baby - Justin Bieber
Crazy Train - Black Sabbath
We Are Young - Fun.
Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas
I Get Around - Beach Boys
Ho Hey - The Lumineers
Payphone - Maroon 5
Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys (he heard it at my moms, and now he keeps wanting to watch the video from the Grammys where she sings with Adam Levine)
and most recently:
All I Need - Awolnation
Knights of Shame - Awolnation
The last two are on constant rotation in the car right now. I gave Rob the CD for Christmas, and for some reason Kai just loves those two songs. Its cute.

Here is a video we got of Kai singing with Girl on Fire.
He was singing it normal everytime until we recorded, then he started singing about her burning on fire. :P   Typical boy.

Kirra dances along to most anything. She started by doing the little bob dancing, and every once in a while will twist at the waist back and forth. (this is my favorite!! it is ADORABLE!!)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My dad...

I realized that it's not often that I post anything about my dad.
Except that he made it to my wedding.
He emailed me a link to a video his friend uploaded on YouTube.
See...my dad is a musician.
Has been for forever.
My FAVORITE memories when I was little was watching my parents' band play.
When I visit my dad, I make him play his guitar and sing for me.
And he will. But when he tries to stop, I make him "sing one more".
This goes on for hours ;)
As I was watching this video, I started thinking I really need to try to get up there and visit. It's been way too long. The last time I saw my dad was....my wedding? So almost 5 years ago.
That makes me sad. He's never met my kids.
I try not to think about it much...or else I'd probably cry.
Background for anyone interested:
My parents got divorced when I was 8. We were living in Chewelah, Washington at the time. When they divorced, my mom took my brother, and I to live in Southern California with my grandparents. My mom remarried when I was 9. My step-dad, John, was in the Air Force and was about to be stationed in Englad. So we moved there for 3 years. Had a little contact through letters with my dad, and I think TWO phone calls during that time.
When we moved back to the states, we were in California for a little bit, then my mom moved us to St. George, Utah. We visited my dad when I was 13. So, 4 years of not seeing him then. That was the last time I'd had that long of a gap of seeing him. I tried to make sure I visited him here and there. But after our wedding, we just haven't made it work.
It just sucks when I happen to think "what if something happens?....and I don't GET to see him again...." I don't like that....

Friday, February 15, 2013

Randomness to fill in the space....

Some random pictures I came across to catch up a bit (in the last year!! :P  )
And random facts.

One of the first times I let Kai hold Kirra. He still doesn't really get to hold her. Hes too rough and can't sit still to save his life.
Kai was pretty obsessed with Cars for quite some time. Somehow he got on an obession for Thomas the Train. I think he had to have gotten that from our neighbors across the street. Their boy loves Thomas and that's probably the first exposure Kai had to it. So when I was on maternity leave, it was 87 different Thomas shows that was on rotation to keep him busy! He has quite the collection from stuff we got him and a co-worker of mine who was nice enough to force her son to sell a TON of his trains and tracks to us for Kai. He got all that for his 3rd birthday. (pics to come eventually)

Playing in Pine Valley at the West family reunion. With his trains, of course.

Being goofy in the tub.

"Giving Loves". I had to stop him right about here, he likes to try to press his face too hard. He really does love her, I just think he doesn't understand that he hurts her. And he has SO much energy that it's just exploding out of him in the form of head bunting, hitting, pushing, squeezing, etc.....

Kai was actually just letting Kirra sit for once. Kirra LOVES Kai. Its so funny how he can just push her around and be so rough, but he is definately the one that can ALWAYS make her laugh.

"Bleeeahh" So cute that Rob caught both of them at the same time. Kai would always want to lay under her play gym with her.

Watching Thomas. Kirra started to be a bit interested. Probably because it was a song.
She LOVES when music comes on and she perks up, and lately she'll totally focus and start dancing. Its adorable.

She was about 6 or 7 months here. Pretty Princess, just started sitting alone.

For the longest time, this is the look that she would give most people. So serious! Just really checking people out.

Amanda made this cute headband that Kirra wore with her Witch costume for Halloween.

I can't get over her eyes. She is gorgeous.
Kirra had reflux like Kai, so she was constantly soaking bibs and spit rags. Kai had it until just after he was a year. Kirra's let up finally around 6 months, thank goodness.

Until later....

Sunday, February 10, 2013

...A rough day...



It still doesn't feel real. I keep thinking we need to get together for dinner soon....
Here's the video my cousin did for the memorial:
The beginning of it just tears me up.
And this song is the first song I thought of when the news sunk in....

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kirra's first month

March 4, 2012
I tried getting some pictures of Kirra when she was about 2 weeks old. Some turned out ok.

March 25, 2012 We had Kirra blessed by Grandpa Lockwood. Daddy got to be in the circle!

Kirra's beautiful dress and headband was made by my sister, April, and her mother-in-law, Deanna.
It was so pretty!! I loved it!

Can't beleive how little Kai looks! (this was his "cheese" face back then)


Friday, February 1, 2013

Catch up...

Wow...I know....
But I had to put stuff down on "paper" before I completely forget them.

*Easter...she's beautiful*
Kirra first smiled on 4/16/12
First Laugh was 5/24/12 
Rolled from back to front on 6/12/12
From front to back on 7/21/12

*Kai's birthday...she looks like a little doll*
Ate cereal first week of July
Then tried squash - liked it
bananas - liked it
peas - NOT a fan
peaches - didn't seem to like them very much
carrots - LOVED them
apples - LOVED them
Since then she's tried a lot of foods, loves fruits the most.
And she LOVES to try what we're eating. Soups are always good! ;)
Nowadays she's getting to where she'd rather eat regular food, I think, than baby food.
She's loving trying to use a sippy cup, been trying that for a few months.

*As you can see, after Kirra I started getting a receding hairline...its growing back, and the baby hairs are REALLY annoying!*
First bottom tooth 10/25/12
Second bottom tooth 11/1/12
First top tooth 1/3/13
Second top tooth 1/16/2013
Said "da da" Sept 2012
Said "Ma Ma" begining of Nov. 2012
Sat up from laying down 11/16/12
Pulled herself to stand (that I saw) 12/31/2012
Walked along furniture 1/10/13
I swear she copied me saying "no" on 1/19/13.
Got her first double ear infection and upper respiratory infection last week of January. (NOT GOOD) She's been so miserable, it breaks my heart. She just wants to be held when she's awake, doesn't want to eat or drink, and sleeps a lot. Poor thing.
I will get some more, and more recent, pics up soon.

*Thanks for all your patience!!*
(wish Jason was here to see me finally blogging!)