Friday, February 1, 2013

Catch up...

Wow...I know....
But I had to put stuff down on "paper" before I completely forget them.

*Easter...she's beautiful*
Kirra first smiled on 4/16/12
First Laugh was 5/24/12 
Rolled from back to front on 6/12/12
From front to back on 7/21/12

*Kai's birthday...she looks like a little doll*
Ate cereal first week of July
Then tried squash - liked it
bananas - liked it
peas - NOT a fan
peaches - didn't seem to like them very much
carrots - LOVED them
apples - LOVED them
Since then she's tried a lot of foods, loves fruits the most.
And she LOVES to try what we're eating. Soups are always good! ;)
Nowadays she's getting to where she'd rather eat regular food, I think, than baby food.
She's loving trying to use a sippy cup, been trying that for a few months.

*As you can see, after Kirra I started getting a receding hairline...its growing back, and the baby hairs are REALLY annoying!*
First bottom tooth 10/25/12
Second bottom tooth 11/1/12
First top tooth 1/3/13
Second top tooth 1/16/2013
Said "da da" Sept 2012
Said "Ma Ma" begining of Nov. 2012
Sat up from laying down 11/16/12
Pulled herself to stand (that I saw) 12/31/2012
Walked along furniture 1/10/13
I swear she copied me saying "no" on 1/19/13.
Got her first double ear infection and upper respiratory infection last week of January. (NOT GOOD) She's been so miserable, it breaks my heart. She just wants to be held when she's awake, doesn't want to eat or drink, and sleeps a lot. Poor thing.
I will get some more, and more recent, pics up soon.

*Thanks for all your patience!!*
(wish Jason was here to see me finally blogging!)


Hillary said...

She looks soooo much like her mama, which is a wonderful thing because her mama is beautiful :)

Mindy said...

I have the feeling he is...and smiling about it... :)

Danielle said...

Thanks Hillary, We have a hard time deciding who she looks like! ;)
Mindy...Thank you. I bet he is! :')