Friday, February 15, 2013

Randomness to fill in the space....

Some random pictures I came across to catch up a bit (in the last year!! :P  )
And random facts.

One of the first times I let Kai hold Kirra. He still doesn't really get to hold her. Hes too rough and can't sit still to save his life.
Kai was pretty obsessed with Cars for quite some time. Somehow he got on an obession for Thomas the Train. I think he had to have gotten that from our neighbors across the street. Their boy loves Thomas and that's probably the first exposure Kai had to it. So when I was on maternity leave, it was 87 different Thomas shows that was on rotation to keep him busy! He has quite the collection from stuff we got him and a co-worker of mine who was nice enough to force her son to sell a TON of his trains and tracks to us for Kai. He got all that for his 3rd birthday. (pics to come eventually)

Playing in Pine Valley at the West family reunion. With his trains, of course.

Being goofy in the tub.

"Giving Loves". I had to stop him right about here, he likes to try to press his face too hard. He really does love her, I just think he doesn't understand that he hurts her. And he has SO much energy that it's just exploding out of him in the form of head bunting, hitting, pushing, squeezing, etc.....

Kai was actually just letting Kirra sit for once. Kirra LOVES Kai. Its so funny how he can just push her around and be so rough, but he is definately the one that can ALWAYS make her laugh.

"Bleeeahh" So cute that Rob caught both of them at the same time. Kai would always want to lay under her play gym with her.

Watching Thomas. Kirra started to be a bit interested. Probably because it was a song.
She LOVES when music comes on and she perks up, and lately she'll totally focus and start dancing. Its adorable.

She was about 6 or 7 months here. Pretty Princess, just started sitting alone.

For the longest time, this is the look that she would give most people. So serious! Just really checking people out.

Amanda made this cute headband that Kirra wore with her Witch costume for Halloween.

I can't get over her eyes. She is gorgeous.
Kirra had reflux like Kai, so she was constantly soaking bibs and spit rags. Kai had it until just after he was a year. Kirra's let up finally around 6 months, thank goodness.

Until later....