Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE music. And my children share my love for it as well.
And I know it sounds a little stupid, "I love music..." because really?? Who doesn't??? Its like someone NOT liking watermelon!! Craziness!!! (actually my cousin, Jason, doesn't like it. And I always thought that was strange! ;)  )

Kai makes me laugh. He has several favorite songs that are always on rotation.
See, along with music, I, too, love to sing....Now Kai isn't always a fan of this. I dont know what his deal is, but many times he'll ask tell me to stop singing. He says the funniest things sometimes!!
Just last weekend I was singing along to one of his current favorites, and he didn't like that, so he said, "Mom! Stop singing, or I'll seriously go into space, and that will hurt my peepee!"
Not sure if that has anything to do with potty-training, but it was random!
Speaking of potty training, he hasn't had ANY hint of interest in that until 2 weeks ago, he was with my friend, Amanda, and I'm not sure if it was him, or her, but he started going in the potty, and he had dry pants all day. Only once he started to poop in his pants, and finished in the toilet. He's been really trying since then. It has been amazing how his attitude has changed towards it.

Anyway...On my phone I have a play list for me, Kai, and even one for Kirra (more mellow music to calm her). The songs that Kai currently is loving are:

Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson
Baby - Justin Bieber
Crazy Train - Black Sabbath
We Are Young - Fun.
Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas
I Get Around - Beach Boys
Ho Hey - The Lumineers
Payphone - Maroon 5
Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys (he heard it at my moms, and now he keeps wanting to watch the video from the Grammys where she sings with Adam Levine)
and most recently:
All I Need - Awolnation
Knights of Shame - Awolnation
The last two are on constant rotation in the car right now. I gave Rob the CD for Christmas, and for some reason Kai just loves those two songs. Its cute.

Here is a video we got of Kai singing with Girl on Fire.
He was singing it normal everytime until we recorded, then he started singing about her burning on fire. :P   Typical boy.

Kirra dances along to most anything. She started by doing the little bob dancing, and every once in a while will twist at the waist back and forth. (this is my favorite!! it is ADORABLE!!)


frozen yogurt business said...

love this song too..

Rachel said...

Kids are hilarious.

And "stop singing or he has to go into space and that would hurt his pee pee?" CLASSIC!

Thanks for the laughs!