Wednesday, July 31, 2013


KIRRA: (17 months)
Stood in the middle of the floor without holding anything 5/4/13
Took 3 steps at daycare 5/14/13
Took several steps for mom and grandma on 5/26/13
I think she's taken forever because she's afraid of Kai plowing her over! It took her until she was 16 months to walk on a regular basis. She just wouldn't do it.
She's been throwing fits like MAD lately. Assuming its teething. She's had 8 teeth for some time now, and I finally now has at least 4 molars in.

KAI: (3 years, 11 months)
Pooped on the potty at daycare: 5/30/13
Pooped at my mom's house: 6/1/13
Pooped on the potty at our house, first time ever: 6/6/13. He had a couple accidents after that (he'll get "too busy" and forget) other than that, underwear all the time except at nights (we'll work on nights soon after he's got days down good). Has not had any kind of accident since Father's Day.
**didn't think I'd ever have to blog about bodily functions so much, and I appologize, but this is a huge accomplishment since Kai will be 4 in August!! (Its been rough)**
Kai was first saying he wanted a "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory birthday, but he's now decided he wants an "Aquabats" birthday (his new obsession).