Sunday, February 28, 2010

I know, I know, I know

I keep saying I'm going to be better with blogging...well, we've all come to terms with the fact that its just not going to happen. So, as I go back and forth from the couch to Kai's room to stick his binky back in his mouth, I might as well keep myself busy in between. Right now he's in there singing, but that could quickly escalate to I'm on the edge of the couch, ready to jump. :P
We've been working on getting him to go to sleep on his own, cause I just got so frustrated with trying to rock a fussy boy to sleep when he didn't want to go to sleep. I don't understand why he fights sleep so much...ok, I think he finally gave up for tonight!
Ever since Kai was born, he has spit up a lot. More than most babies. Rob thought it was normal, but he pukes so much, I am surprised he's gaining weight as well as he has. At 6 months (woah, 6 months!!! Holy time flying, batman!) he is 19 lbs 12 oz (84th %), 27 1/2" tall (85th %), and his head is 17 1/2" round (65th %).
So at his appointment, the Dr suggested we get an xray of his esophagus and see if we can figure out what is going on. That was done on Thursday, and we haven't heard the results yet. The tech there said she could see him refluxing though. We had to have him skip a feeding to be hungry, then put him in this little hospital gown with tigers on it. It was seriously the cutest sight ever: him in that gown! But it also made me a little sad. Rob stayed with him to feed him the barium stuff, and I stood behind the wall with the window. Kai doesn't like to be held down, so he screamed quite a bit, and the barium just got all over his face and head. Poor guy. Hopefully we hear something tomorrow. Other than that, he's doing pretty good.
Christmas was fun, Kai was even a little interested in opening presents. He got a walker from grandma Kris and grandpa Dave, which he loves. He got a highchair from grandma and grandpa Dammann. My mom has taken some pictures of him, here is a Christmas one:

And a couple from this month:

He's getting so big! I held a baby that was around a month old and she felt soooo little!
My friend, Robyn, who took my old central supply position is moving this week! :( I am sad to not have her at work anymore. Its been an awesome year getting to be around her all the time and getting close again. But I am happy for her, she's getting married this summer. So new adventures for her! Congrats, Robyn!
We've done a lot of playing Left 4 Dead 2 since Rob's birthday (when we hurried and bought it with the gift card he got). The game is SO addicting and fun! Even if I sometimes get nightmares from it!
Ok, well its very much past my bedtime! I won't say that I'll blog again soon, that'll just jinx it. So....maybe you'll see me again before Kai's first b-day! HAHAHA, I'm sure I can't be THAT bad!