Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Holidays

Ok....I slacked a little.
I didn't send any greeting cards. I DID give them to people here, because I had time to do that...So for those of you NOT in St. George...Pretend this is hanging on your fridge....

Much Love...

Christmas Weekend

Before Christmas I wanted to make sure we did one of my favorite things.
Put together a gingerbread house. I wasn't sure if Kai could focus long enough. But he really seemed to enjoy it! :D
You can see where Kai took a bite out of the top of the roof...

He actually put SOME candy on the house...but most went into his mouth...

{December 24, 25, 26}

We had 3 Christmases. 3.
Christmas Eve we went to Rob's parents house to do our gift exchange with them. Had dinner and got entertained by Kai. He was such a goof. He got spoiled with a Cars light from Uncle Danny, an R/C police car and Lion King from Grandma and Grandpa, and a Lego wagon and cape/mask from Aunt Michelle, Uncle Russ, and the girls.
{Christmas Eve}

Super Momma

Once Kai had the cape and mask on...he didn't want it off...He slept in it that night. It was so dang cute!

{Christmas Day}

Happy boy Christmas morning with Car Pez

Kai's new boots and mom's new slippers!!

Dad's headphones

{At moms}

Kai LOVED his Cars blanket from Grandma and Grandpa

And Police car
Jackson didn't want Kai stealing his toys
Got Maddie and Brycen tickets to go see Real Salt Lake Soccer!

{Dec. 26th, Celebrating Jackson's b-day}

Jackson's Birthday is Jan. 2nd, but we wanted to celebrate it while they were in town.
Kai got him a MACK!!!
Kai liked Jackson's bunny

Reading with Grandpa

Christmas was great. I'm kind of glad December is done though. There was a lot going on!
Kai got SO spoiled and is still loving all his goodies!
Rob got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I am LOVING IT!!!
If anyone has some good suggestions for reading, lay 'em on me :D