Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodbye 2010...Hello 2011

I have been reading everyone’s blogs and being frustrated with myself that I have been such a slacker with updating. This is a great place to record all the little things, and I fail to do so. So my new year resolution is to do better (I know, I am over a month late on this resolution crap…but better late than never…)
December was, of course, hectic. Between Christmas, family functions, Rob and my birthdays we were all over the place. Christmas was awesome and Kai got spoiled. And so did I. Rob got me a tripod and an ipod touch for Christmas and a new lens for my camera for my birthday! He always does awesome with gifts, I am so lucky!
Beautiful Maddie

For new years we went to my mom’s for dinner and some games. It was really fun. My mom got “Just Dance 2” for the Wii and Madison, mom, and I had a blast playing. Of course the guys just watched and made fun. :P We may have looked dorky, but we had fun and I won almost every time! GO ME! Haha.

I think Kai was playing along to "Walk Like an Egyptian"

On Christmas my little sister got engaged. So her and Darrin will be getting hitched in April! We’ll share anniversary months! Congratulations you guys!! And April was nice enough to let me take her engagement pictures. We did that just the last weekend in January. So here's an overload of some I liked.

And I was having some fun with some:

I wish we would have had more time to do more, but we’ve all been so busy! April and Darrin moved to Price, Utah the first of January. And although I am glad Darrin got a good job opportunity, I was sad to see April leave. She has been my nanny for Kai since November of 2009. I am so grateful that she was able to do this for us! It saved us a ton in child care money! Since the beginning of January, Kai has been going to day care. ROUGH!!! Its so hard to drop him off at a stranger’s house. It’s a lady that is licensed to do it from her home, she has about 5 other kids, and once Kai forgets that we’ve “abandoned” him there, I think he has a good time. He goes there 3 days a week, one day he goes to Rob’s parents (he loves that the best I think), then the remaining day we bounce him where we can: Either Rob’s sister, my friend Amanda, or my parents if they have a day off. I think Kai got way used to just being at home all day with his own toys and in a familiar place, that now he’s going somewhere everyday, he gets sad for us to leave him. And maybe it’s the age for the whole “I only want mom and dad” thing. He’s always been good with other people, he’ll go up to anyone for the most part. But he KNOWS when we’re leaving him and he doesn’t like that at all!
The other day, Kai was being extremely fussy and I know that he really wanted outside, but there was something else making him so impossible. I felt his gums and sure enough, he has a molar spiking through! I guess now I understand the grumpiness, but that doesn’t make it any more fun! A couple weekends ago we bought Kai a little slide, because he’s always sliding down the ottoman, or his Cars couch he got for Christmas, and he loves the slide at the playground. I think the one we got may be a little too small though, because as soon as he starts sliding, he stands up at the bottom. Its for 1 ½ years and up, but Kai is a tall kid.
Kai got really sick a couple weeks ago. Bad cough, up and down fever, and you could just tell he was feeling miserable! So we finally took him to the doctor and he had an ear infection with his bad cough, so he got a steriod shot and antibiotics. Poor lil guy. And he must be getting more molars, because the last few days the kid is just impossible. The other week when Rob's mom and dad were watching him, she put him down in the playpen in a spare room for his nap (as usual) and a few minutes later, he comes walking out to the room they were in! Little turkey climbed out of the playpen! Hasn't climbed out of the crib yet, thank goodness. Because I do not think he is ready for a "big boy bed", oh my gosh, I just can't even imagine it!!
And here is a pic I played with of my Valentine flowers from my wonderful Hubby!!!