Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kirra Belle

Better late than never, right?

With Kai, since I was on bedrest for 2 weeks before he made his debut into the world (4 days before his due date), I was used to the idea that I was going to have him. Now with Kirra….she was more of a surprise.

The beginning of February I had some contractions that were close together almost all day. I started to get a little worried. I went to the Dr and find out that I have a UTI, and they gave me an antibiotic. BUT failed to inform me that it was the UTI giving me contractions. Well, GOOD TO KNOW! So I was uncomfortable for a couple days until the anti-biotic did its thing. I had a feeling Kirra wouldn’t stay in my uterus until her due date (March 11). Heck, I figured I wouldn’t make it to March at all. (And a little hopeful that I could end my misery early)

Wednesday, February 22nd, I leave work with Rob for my “lunch”, to my Dr appointment, fully intent on returning to work about an hour later. Boy was I wrong. The appointment went on as normal, I got checked, I was still about a 1+ dilated and 70 effaced. The doctor said, "Your bag of water is bulging." Confused, I asked, "What does that mean?" He says, "You may have been having a contraction when I checked you." and I had been. I sit up and we discuss that if I’m still pregnant by March 5th, we’ll induce then. The Dr. and CNA leave the room and I get up from the table and I’m leaking fluid…I’m not peeing… (11:50 am)

“Rob, I think my water broke!”

He stares at me, his eyes huge.

“Go get them back in here!”

He runs out, leaving the door open, as I stand there holding the “paper sheet” to collect the fluid, I’m hoping no one walks by and sees me in my glory there! The Dr. and CNA come back in and Dr. Lunt says, “Well, I guess we’re having the baby today, then!” I was trying not to get emotional, but that’s a scary realization, even when you’re ready. So he checks the fluid to make sure it really is amniotic fluid and that I’m not wetting myself.

They get me a giant pad to collect the fluid until I get over to Labor and Delivery, we quickly discuss my 6 week post partum appointment and get it scheduled then he walks us over to L&D. During this whole time I’m texting my mom, sister, and friend Amanda (who I had asked to take some birth pictures). My mom leaves work to meet us, and my sister starts her 45 mile drive down, and Amanda heads over.

I had taken my pill that morning for my blood sugar, so I informed the nurse (if I didn’t eat my sugar would have plummeted). They gave me a couple little things to eat so I’d be ok. (Rob and I were going to go to lunch after my appointment HA!). I wasn't quite ready for this, so everything just felt so crazy. Rob had to run home to grab my bag and change out of his shirt and tie. They asked if I needed him to stay for my IV, I said I'd be fine, I wanted him there for the epidural for sure, so I told him to hurry.

(about 1:30pm) I am a giant chicken about needles, so I really wasn't excited about no hand to squeeze when they did the IV. (but by now with all the blood checks, I was getting a bit more brave). So I close my eyes and ready myself for it. And the nurse and CNA in there are talking to eachother about how it didn't work and "oh look at that!" and the one urges me to look as she tells me she'll have to try again, which I'm NOT happy about so I say, "I don't want to look!"...They blew out my vein. So it is this huge knot looking thing on the back of my hand. "Why'd you make me look! Now it hurts more!!" So they went up a little way on my arm and got the vein there. So that was huge for a couple days. My mom showed up just after that. (around 2:00pm)

They wanted to get a bag of fluid in me before I got the epidural, so as I was waiting for that, Rob came back, Amanda came and April showed up. The contractions were coming in more and more and getting stronger. I was feeling them in my back AND my abdomen. With Kai, I had back labor so bad, that is all I felt. This time with it being all the way around, it was pretty rough. Jalee stopped by between all her running around, it was good to see her, sad that she was so busy and couldn't stay. My mom massaged my lower back for a while and then April took over. (5:00 pm) The anesthesiologist came in to introduce himself, and it was someone mom knew, and the nurses said he was the best, so that made me feel better. My contractions by this time were really killing me, so even though I was scared about the epidural, I was anxious to hurry and get it so I could feel better. I was crying from the pain and contracting like crazy, so we worked around the contractions to get the epidural. It took longer than last time, but was a little less painful when they put it in than with Kai. The contractions were ridiculous around this time, so the relief was AMAZING!! (around 5:30) I think that because everything was so sudden, and with it being the second time in labor, everything was more intense and fast. I was so nauseous and shaking like crazy. The anesthesiologist had said that the epidural they did was less intense and I'd be able to still feel a little bit. Which was scary, but also helpful. I could still feel the contractions coming, but I wasn't dying. It was a bit uncomfortable, but not unbearable.

So by this time, I was more fun to be around and not sobbing. The next time they checked me I was a 7. So we started placing bets on when Kirra would be here. I figured it'd be after 8 sometime. Since things were moving quicklySo my guess was 8:22. And I was definately ok with the birthdate (2-22-12, nice and easy to remember). Moving quick! Nauseous Naseous Naseous! They checked me again (I think it was close to 6:40pm) and I was a 10. WOAH! Faster than I expected. So everyone ran around, getting things ready, getting me situated, got Dr. Lunt in, and they had me bear down to push, I took a breath in the middle and kept pushing and she was out! They set her on my stomach and I remember saying, "It was so quick this time, its so surreal, I can't believe she's here! It doesn't seem like she's really mine." It was the weirdest feeling. (6:57pm)

My mom took Kai that night, so Rob was able to stay that night with me in the hospital. The next night Rob had to be at home with Kai, so I was alone. It was pretty sad and lonely. I cried through dinner (dang hormones).

And now Kirra will be 11 months old on Tuesday....I can't even beleive it. So much has gone on that has left me feeling blog-less. But I want to fix that. So bear with me.

**Beautiful video made my Amanda! :)


time after time said...

Yes thanks for the good cry...I remember the day like it was yesterday!....Love you!

Hillary said...

You get two bonus points for posting about her arrival before her first birthday.

Amanda said...

I know I have already heard this story and was there for half of it, but it was fun reading the story! I can't believe its been almost a year. Soon you will get to be your turn taking pictures for me! It is the most amazing thing to witness and be on the other side and not have to go through the pain but witness the miracle of birth.