Thursday, October 23, 2008


Totally Rad!!!!

Notice the "rainbow stripe" eyeshadow!! Today was the 80s day. It was awesome. I had so much inspiration growing up with my mom always all decked out, being in a band, and sadly...the only thing I had to BUY for the outfit was the socks and the stripped shirt. Everything else I had already (and April borrowed me the black necklace).
There were a lot of people that dressed up. Even our Admissions Coordinator, Paula did. And I did NOT think she would!

She said she felt like a moron, but figured if our Receptionist could dress up on 60’s day, then she’d be inspired and go with the group! And she looked so awesome! I sat and talked to her for a while today and the stories she tells and the way she tells them is soooo funny! I was laughing so hard I almost cried off my fake eyelashes!
Rebecca and I:

I kept forgetting that I was dressed up, until people would look at me funny in the halls. And my favorite resident that said I was “sexy” yesterday couldn’t stop laughing at me today. It was funny.
I had to borrow my sisters hair waver because no one I know has a crimper, but the waver worked nicely! I had so many layers of clothes on though, I was afraid to go to the bathroom! Made me think of the 90’s and the bodysuits that were sometimes a pain…BUT your shirt stayed tucked in!!! I did like that part! So tomorrow I’m thinking I’ll go grunge. That’s what I first thought of when I thought 90s. Every week needs to be this exciting. OR maybe I need to get a life that involves more excitement than dressing up like a dork everyday! Wow, I suck. I need a dog….so I can dress IT up! :D



The Scotts said...

There's a crimper at my mom's house. I'm not even joking! It is even FROM the 80s!!

Kris said...

Lol Jalee! I don't even think you can but those anymore. You are welcome for the 80s look. I did rock at one time or another.

Megan said...

I am pretty sure I have a crimper - now I am going to have to go dig and see. LOL. You look great. I think the eye shadow really topped it all off. And your friend Rebecca looks very Madonna. Oh the 80's...........

Brasher family said...

You're so cute! And you crack me up. When your page loads I just laugh at the picture at the top. Too funny!!!