Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So today was 70's day. This pic isn't the greatest, but oh well, you get the idea. I had my hair feathered back, but this was after work, so by then, it was flat. A couple people said it looked like I had stepped out of "Dazed and Confused". Tomorrow will be fun with the 80's though!! I just hope my hair can take it!! I think it's really mad right now, from the ratting yesterday, and the part in the middle with my bangs feathered, then tomorrow all 80s'ed out....I think my hair might just want to pack its bags and leave me. :P I didn't get a group shot today, not as many people were decked out. There will be more tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some good shots. One of my favorite residents said I looked "Sexy" today. HAHAHA. I kept thinking "Inappropriate, inappropriate". But I didn't say anything. He always hits on me. Hes a 40-something that had a stroke, so he's pretty with it, he's funny. Anyway....Peace out, man!


Megan said...

I am pretty stoked for the 80's pic - you know how much I love the 80's. Hopefully your hair took to the crimping...if that is the route you took, which I hope it is ;) LOL. It's always nice to get some attention even if it is from old creepy guys...well, maybe.....haha.