Saturday, October 4, 2008

The headache

It is mostly gone, but it has been lingering on. So about 2 weeks now. Its definitely BETTER, but not 100%. Freaking dumb headache!! :(
A new Executive Director started this week at my work, and he seems pretty cool, so I hope that helps with de-stressing. Even though I didn't realize I was stressed enough to have a tension headache for 2 weeks. Other than that...hmm....Its been in the 90 degree bracket here in the desert for a while and today it rained. Its pretty cold too... I am wearing real shoes with SOCKS (I'm a flip-flop freak), and a long sleeve shirt. The forecast for this week says 70s and 80s. So maybe we're now permanently out of the 90s+. DANG!!! I hate Autumn...its always been depressing for me. I love the summer, so seeing it end is hard. But I gotta be positive.
As of tomorrow Rob and I will have been married 6 MONTHS! Crazy, its going by fast. Now we just have to get things ready for April's wedding in March. I guess helping with that will keep my mind occupied until helped last year (planning mine).


The Scotts said...

I've got something else that could keep your mind occupied until Spring!! How about 5 months of morning sickness?? Come on, it'd do it!

Megan said...

I think it is funny that the 70's requires a long sleeved shirt. I remember those days.. *sigh* And its a good thing you like summer so much seeing as how it is summer like 8 months out of the year down there. Good luck with the new boss and the head ache - glad you are feeling better!


Teachinfourth said...

Ugh! Headaches are horrible...I really do feel for you!

shoezimm said...

70's is long sleeve and sock/shoe weather? Poor should have been with us up at the Sundance Harvest Market this weekend....there was snow on the higher elevations! Personally fall is my favorite season and I feel the most energetic at this time of the year. Summer is the worst for me unless I can get a lot of swimming in (which I haven't for several years now).