Tuesday, April 21, 2009

22 weeks: good/bad

22 weeks and 2 days down…17 weeks and 5 days left. Crazy to think of it as time left.

Some positive things lately: 1) I’m starting to feel the slightest movements in my tummy. 2) I feel pretty good for the most part, especially if I am wearing clothes that aren’t squeezing me too much. 3) AND now that it’s getting warmer out, I have skirts with elastic and other stuff that actually can fit me! 4) I’m definitely looking more pregnant than fat. I actually had my first stranger comment on my belly, I was at Albertsons, and the checker said, “when’s your baby due?” It was nice not to have to say, “I’m not pregnant, just fat”. Like I had to with the couple customers a week at Wells Fargo that would have to put their feet in their mouths because I had gained weight.
Some negatives lately: 1) Rob still hasn’t been able to feel the baby move (sad). 2) We still don’t know about a name for the baby. 3) We had to get rid of our old Love Sac, because it was hanging out in the room we’re going to use for the baby, and we had to accept that there was no way we were going to be able to fix the fact that LaFawnda had completely ruined it by peeing all over it about 30 times or more. It was really hard to just get rid of it. We only bought it like 3 years ago, and I loved it! Not to mention, it was just throwing away $400. And now we are back to not having enough furniture in our living room…just a couch. We need a rocker/recliner, then I can rock the baby!

4) I thought I was supposed to have more energy this trimester, but I’m always sooo tired! Might be due to the fact that I haven’t been sleeping well. I had been taking Unisom every night, but I stopped because I realized I shouldn’t be doing it EVERY night, dang it. 5) I have been having some major round ligament pain mostly on the left side. Its killing me! 6) My bras are breaking! (and hurting me in the meantime)
BUT, now that I’ve been feeling pretty good, no longer nauseous, I have been more experimental with foods. This last weekend we were watching an episode of “Guy’s Big Bite” that Rob had recorded, and he made some yummy looking pot pies. So we just had to try making them.

They were way good.
Then yesterday for some reason I wanted to make a quiche. I’ve never made one before, and have only eaten one once. A little frozen one you reheat from Costco, it was ok, but for some reason I wanted to try making one. So I got the stuff and made a chicken and broccoli one. It was GOOD! This is good, I gotta keep trying all this new stuff, so we have a bigger list of possible dinners. We make such basic stuff all the time (spaghetti, tacos, steak, variations of chicken). But this will hopefully get our children to eat many different things.
Lately I’ve been craving a lot of fruits. We finally got our first watermelon of the year, and it is a really good one! And salads. There are still some days that nothing really sounds good, but usually a salad always sounds good.

It's spring for sure, poor birdies are getting tossed out of their nests! This made me sad the other day....and made it hard to pull apart the rotisserie chicken for the pot pies...


Megan said...

Yeah I am 31 weeks and we still are not even close on a name. LOL. I am so excited for you that you have started to feel the baby move - it won't be long before Rob can feel him too and I think it makes it feel a lot more real to them since they don't have a lot of ways to connect with the baby.

Sorry about the lack of sleep. I hope it gets better for you! I wish I could give you some tips, but I am in the same boat.

Holloways said...

It's so exciting when you can feel that little guy move! Rob will be able to feel him soon and he will LOVE it! It's so cool! You look great! You think you're big now, but just wait until you're nine months and you look back at these pictures!!

Reese said...

Did you really just post a picture of a dead baby bird? Isn't that a bit morbid in your current condition? :P