Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ultrasound and Anniversary

So I was hoping that today I could make a more official announcement. “IT’S A BOY”. But I can’t confidently do that now. We went to our ultrasound yesterday with both of our moms in tow, hoping to get a good show. But the baby was all balled up as low as he/she could get. We tried shaking my stomach, rolling all kinds of ways, but the baby was not budging. The ultrasound tech was able to get measurements, and the baby was measuring at exactly 20 weeks. Which is one day behind what I was estimating, so we’ll stick with the same August 23rd due date. (She said it could be a difference of even just 6 hours). She finally got a shot of what she thought were girl parts. WHAT?!?! So I told her what the other tech had said, so she said, “What are you doing at 5 today?” and I said, “getting off work” so she told me to drink something sugary and come back after work. So I did just that, and we went back. And what then? Well, nothing really. Dang it! She thought for a second she saw a sack and penis, but then took that back when she couldn’t see it again, and thought “That might just be swollen labia and the cord” FREAK!! The baby was still mostly balled up and we couldn’t see much. She poked around forever and still couldn’t be sure if she was seeing a sack or swollen girl parts! So she told me to come back in a week and maybe the baby would cooperate more. My stomach is a little sore from all the poking and proding (we were doing all we could to get that baby to expose something). So next Monday, around lunchtime I go back and hope we can see something! If not…I guess we’ll get a big surprise at the delivery! It just sucks, because I wanted to be more prepared. I guess we’ll hope we get a big reveal next week. The ultrasound tech said the baby was “Being a bad baby”….Guess the first thing we’ll need to do is hand out punishment when this baby is here! J/k. More sad news for me: the placenta is on the front wall of the uterus! So that’s why I’m not feeling a lot of movement! Dang placenta!! But I guess, either way, I should start feeling a lot in the next couple weeks regardless, the tech said. I was pretty concerned that I ‘d be charge some huge amount to go in next week, but I called today and there won’t be a charge! PHEW!! I was awake all night worried about it, thinking I wouldn’t be able to get it done. So MAYBE I'll have some news next monday!! I HOPE!!

On another note, Rob and my FIRST ANNIVERSARY was sunday!!! One whole year!! WOW, that just flew right by. I was a little sad thinking about how long it's been, and I'd love to relive the day! It was the best day of my life so far!!

We went to Vegas Saturday. We stayed at Imperial Palace. We did some walking around, had dinner, and walked a little way down the strip and back. WOW, my hips, legs, and feet hurt soo bad! So when we got back to the hotel I soaked in the crappy tub for a few minutes, which helped a little. I didn't sleep good at all, in a queen, when I'm too spoiled with my king! And the bed was hard, and I woke up several times with VERY sore hips. But we had good breakfast the next day and headed home in the afternoon. We had dinner at this place we found about 4 years ago there, Roy's Hawaiian Fusion. A little pricey, but very good! Rob got me some beautiful earrings and a sweet card. He's so good. My friend, Robyn, asked if he could give guys lessons, since he's so good! :P I have to admit, he knows what he's doing in the gift department! We also dug into our wedding cake top that night. It was GOOD!!! Rob's mom did an excellent job of wrapping it so that it didn't get freezer burn, and it was moist and delicious!!


Megan said...

Oh that is frustrating about the ultrasound. But at least you know they are making sure before they just guess at what it is. This lady was so quick to tell us it makes me nervous that it won't be a boy after all. That would be stressful.

That is crazy about the placenta. Feeling the baby move is pretty neat, so I hope you get to feel it soon. Although towards the end it is more painful than neat ;)

Sounds like you had a good Anniversary! Yeah! I have the same problem sleeping in Queens cause we have a King too - it has forever ruined me.

Erik, Amanda and Hunter said...

Oh bummer Im so sad I wanted to know what it was so I can start buying you cute clothes!! Oh well Drink a soda before you to your next appt. Thats what I did and Hunter was moving like crazy it was amazing!!

Chris & Stephanie said...

Congrats on your wedding anniversary. Isn't amazing how fast it goes by... I hate it... Sorry that you could not get a good picture of the baby. Just think you will have one more opportunity to see him or her one more time before the baby is delivered....

Rachel Doyle said...

Congrats on your anniversary!!! On my first anniversary I was so huge and pregnant that we didn't really get to do anything - so I am glad you got to go to Vegas!

Good luck with the ultrasound - I have been waiting to see what you are having -- I guess I'll have to wait some more. Little girls are way fun and if you need clothes or lots of hair stuff -- I'm the girl!