Monday, November 14, 2011


I know Halloween was a couple weeks ago, but I'm behind. Big surprise. We decided Kai would be Dracula, just because we found a cute costume at TJ Maxx. He was a good one though. He'd do his evil Dracula laugh for us. It was so cute to see him going up to the doors, trying to go inside, and taking as much candy as he wanted. (I really tried to stop him, but he thought this was like an unlimited shopping spree).

My costume was inspired by the fact that I wanted to use my pregnant belly somehow and thought of this. I know...mildy disturbing. But not that surprising if you know me :D
One girl at work was really bothered by it. So I had to hide it behind my desk while I talked to her :P
Everyone else thought it was amazingly creative. I told my mom what I wanted and directed her while she made it. Kai liked it. He'd point to the doll and say "Baby sister!" Ok, I know...we're going to have major counseling bills later....

Mom made a creepy zombie....

Speaking of zombies...My mom took me to "Thriller" at Tuacahn for the first time, it was AWESOME!! I loved it. But it was the first COLD night here. We were freezing!


Amanda said...

Happy Halloween!! Loved the costumes, yours was super creepy. It gave me nightmares. Ha ha jk.

Megan said...

Ummm ya. Midly disturbing indeed. ANd that Kai thought it was his sister? lol. I love it though.

Also, I can't believe you just used to word cold to describe the temperature in St. George. I love Thriller!