Sunday, November 13, 2011

Annual Girls Day in Springdale!

My mom, Madison, and I, have gone to Springdale each fall for the past few years. Its fun to just stop at all the shops, eat lunch, and make new memories together. Kai had a couple breakdowns that were frustrating, but did fairly well.

Kai calls this a "Fuffalo"
We went to the wildlife museum. Kai wouldn't let me put him down. He was pretty freaked out.

Looks like I'm getting a Bear head massage...

Kai has been allowed to come on the girls trip, but I think my mom says he's done now. Next year, baby girl can go! :D


Hillary said...

Kai looks like he's five! When did he get so big?

PS: You're are the cutest pregnant lady ever.

time after time said...

Yea Kai needs to know he is'nt a girl next year....

Danielle said...

Hillary--I KNOW!! He's so big! He's going to be the tall one in class for sure!
And thanks...I feel hideous!

Mom--probably true! ;)