Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall Holidays

Usually Fall is depressing for me. I hate cold. I love Christmas, but getting to it is usually soooo much of a bummer.
BUT this year is different. Don't know why. Maybe having kids distracts me. Being pregnant maybe? But when I saw a magazine for fall stuff several months ago, I was almost excited. Halloween was more exciting to me this year. I looked forward to it. And I was really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Wish I had the whole week off work, but oh well. We went to Rob's parents for Thanksgiving this year. That's always a big thing to get used to also. Especially when you get married later than some people, you get used to your own family traditions, etc. But Rob's family is awesome and I really like spending time with them, so I don't mind throwing them in a rotation. And Kai loves all his grandparents, so any time at any of their houses is awesome to him. Not to mention Rob's mom cooks great food (even if she doesn't think so). But of course I always miss seeing my mom!

I hope I can gather the energy to start maybe decorating for Christmas this weekend also. The house Kai goes to for daycare put their christmas lights on the house this week, and Kai loves it. So the sooner we do ours, the better. I love seeing him excited for things as he's getting older.
He's the funniest kid lately, I'll have to post some more silly stuff he does. It makes me laugh :D


Megan said...

There you go talking like ST George is cold. Pffft.

All holidays are fun again now that kids are involved! I hope you don't get depressed this year. If you do, just think of me...I am sure it will help :)

Danielle said...

Hey, now. When you are here all the time, and get climatized, it DOES feel cold ;)

erica said...

ha. seriously if you think st. george is cold come up this way for a weekend...then you will rethink :)

will you email me your address for christmas cards?
(ericapatten at gmail)

Rachel said...

All the seasons and holidays are so much fun with kids! It's easy to get excited with them!

Teachinfourth said...

Hope you get your 'Christmas' on soon...

Hillary said...

This is me wishing you a happy (late) birthday since I'm not on FB and I don't have any other public forum where I can publicly declare my love, so I'm seeking out an old blog post to make this declaration.

Sometime we should go celebrate our birthdays in May where we aren't lost in the shuffle of the holidays. Xoxo