Thursday, October 17, 2013

Make It Stop!!!

I've been wanting to share this song/video on my blog for a while. Didn't get to by the end of September, but then I realized October 17th would work. Oct. 17th is "Spirit Day"., a day to wear purple to represent taking a stand against not only bullying, but also bullying against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth. I don't care if you don't agree with the latter. But being someone who was bullied throughout school, I feel bullying has gotten out of control and NEEDS TO STOP. The story behind "September's Children" breaks my heart. At the worst in school, besides being made fun of, on sometimes a daily basis, I was once kicked in the face by a girl on a bus. I cannot stand bullying. And sometimes when I see teachers saying "Oh, kids will be kids" I want to shake them and make them see its MORE THAN THAT!! And if they'd take a stand, they could HELP! Bullying hurts deep!
Whatever the bullying is about, it hurts. There were plenty of times I was fully DONE with it. And wanted a way out... but I am glad I am still here and have the life that I have. IT DOES GET BETTER!!!!! It doesn't matter what the hate is much money your family has, what you wear, what you look like OR your sexual orientation...Bullying is NOT OK.


Hillary said...

I wish the kids we went to school with all knew that my parents made payments on a nose job for me at 15 because I was bullied so bad that it was either that, or I jumped off a bridge because they were so cruel.

I'm glad I found you along the way. You saved me during those awkward years. xoxo

Danielle said...

Aw! I love you Beene! You totally helped me a ton too. Those little notes we wrote to eachother to build eachother up helped so much while everyone else tried to tear us down! Bullies suck!

Megan said...

Hey chica! I suck at blogging and reading blogs anymore. But I have been thinking about you! I hope all is well with you and your adorable family. Please tell me you are in IG so we can stay in touch (my screen name is megdinsdale). Hope you get this message. Miss you girl!

P.S. Good post. I can not agree enough. Especially now that I have kids in school. We talk about this subject often!!

Rachel said...

Very true about the bullying. I am so sad to see how much social media has made it easier in some ways to do this to others.

I was always small for my age and I was deaf to boot. But I didn't back down when others would say unkind things about my disability (or about other deaf kids in my class).

My mom had to finally transfer me to another school after I got my butt kicked too many times.

Much love to you.