Sunday, February 3, 2008

Its raining!

When I lived in Portland I got sick of it, but when you live in the desert, its AWESOME when it rains, because it doesn't happen often. It just makes me hopeful that Lake Powell is filling up more.

So...yesterday my wonderful sister-in-law, Jalee (, took more engagement pictures of me and Rob, I'm excited to see how they turned out. We went to this cool bridge that she had taken pictures at earlier this week, its about 40 minutes out of town, and it was all SNOWY. I hadn't wanted any snow pictures since I am having a Spring wedding, but I bet they're going to be way cute. Yesterday I also went to my mom's house to start making the boutonnieres for the wedding. I think they're way cute. They're different, which is what I want. I was going off of this idea...

Me and Rob took my sister to go see "The Eye" yesterday. Those Asians make some weird films, yo..... But I am glad we keep re-making them, because I like weird. It was good. But Jessica Alba's "blind" eyes are creepy looking. There were several spots in the movie that make you JUMP. I like that too!