Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It was a little over a year ago that I first started hearing about “Twilight”. Some girls I worked with were talking about it and asked if I had read it. I hadn’t. I’ve pretty much only read Dean Koontz since high school. In the last year, the “Twilight” series is the only book I ever hear about. I figured I’d read it eventually, but I was in the middle of the “Odd Thomas” series by Dean Koontz.

It’s been taking me forever to read it, because I don’t give myself time to read anymore. When I started hearing about the “Twilight” movie coming out, I decided I better get a move on, because I wanted to read it before I saw the movie.

Finally, last week, I left my last “Odd Thomas” book at work, and I still had about ¾ to read, so I decided. All right…..I’ll take a break from “Odd Thomas” and hurry and get “Twilight” done. I started it on a Thursday evening, and got pretty far after work Thursday and Friday. Then Saturday I read almost all day, and finished it Sunday morning. Poor Rob. He felt slightly neglected. But he just watched football almost the whole time, so I think he secretly enjoyed it. Of course at the end of the book is a teaser for the next one, and once I read that, I jumped up and looked at Rob, “I HAVE to go get the next one” and he just laughed.

Well, its Tuesday and I am half way through the second one. Freakin work keeps getting in the way of me reading it. And I’m trying to not PLOW through it as quick, and spend a little time watching TV with Rob. But its seriously SO GOOD. I don’t want to stop reading! It totally pulls me in, and I’m oblivious to what’s going on around me.
The movie comes out this week, and when I first found out the release day and knowing how early tickets were on sale and hearing how they sold out so fast, I figured it’d be a couple weeks before I got around to seeing it, so that I didn’t have to fight TOO big a crowd. Then Sharise told me that her sister had reserved the theater for Saturday morning and was able to get me a ticket. WOOHOOO!!!!! I am SOOOO excited now. Now that I’ve read it, I don’t know if I could have handled waiting to see it anyway. So this is going to be way fun! Rob just laughs at me when he watches me read it, because of the expressions on my face. I keep trying to convince him to read it and he just says “It’s a GIRLS book!” hahaha. He said he’d see the movie, though. So that’ll give me reason to drag him if I want to see it again in the theater, or to rent it (OR BUY IT) when it comes out.

So, Yeah, I'll be right in there with the screaming teenagers....I'll just have to grin and bear it.

Another good thing this week?? I put $25 of gas in my car, and the needle was on FULL!!!! YAY!!!! It used to take $50 to fill, and its SUCH a relief to not have to cringe when I get gas….I just have been letting it go as empty as I dare before I go to the gas station. Well, mom, Maybe we’ll be able to save for a road trip next year!!


Megan said...

I am so stoked for Twilight too. I have my ticket for Friday morning. YEE HA! I was the same way when I read the books and Ross just laughed at me too, but I think they secretly appreciate it cause you know those books increase your libido. LOL. Ten bucks says there will be just as many screaming moms as there are teenagers.

April Lynn said...

I think you're fired for going without me. And you're welcome to just borrow the books from me and just buy them later. I have them all...

Kris said...

Yeah a road trip! Well since I didn't get a invite to the movie...

shoezimm said...

I can understand your love of Dean Koontz...he's freaking amazing. I read Odd Thomas a few years ago(loved it!) but I zipped through it so fast and was left wanting more....I decided to wait until there were more of them out there. Guess I should get the new books now that there's a series!

btw...love the header shot of you and Rob!

Reese said...

First, I would like to appologize to April and Kris cause I couldn't get you tickets. I was seriously lucky to scrounge up an extra for Danny, but I HAVE to have another friend there to help me not feel lame.
Second, I zipped through all the books in a little over a week and now I have a problem....I'm still obsessed and now I have no outlet!!
I need help..

Geiger Girl said...

Soooo... what did you think about Twilight?! I re-read the book just the week before I watched it (Midnight showing on Thursday).

The last book is my favorite. So if you get a little dragged down in Bella's depression in the next book just wait for the last one, it makes everything worth it.