Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What the????

The top graphic on the bag of cat food...is that a DOLPHIN!?!?!
No wonder LaFawnda pees on our stuff and the floor! She's protesting the Dolphin in her food!!! When I grabbed the bag to feed them yesterday I noticed it and thought, "What the???"
Bah...today at work was another stressful day. When I get VERY stressed and frustrated I cry....I hate it, I feel stupid, but that's what happens. Good thing I don't get that frustrated at work very often. I had given a stack of files to someone higher up than me, and now they're missing. And that person says I never gave the files to them. FREAK!!!!!!!

I guess we'll have to scour the office while that person is out of town! I hope we find them!!!!!


Megan said...

You should send that picture into Jay Leno's 'Headlines' segment. That is hilarious! haha.

Kris said...

Um that's a tuna, which when caught in nets, also catches dolphins. Maybe your a winner! You have the lucky bag!!!!

Danielle said...

YAY!!! LUCKY BAG!! IS that like the star on the Tootsie pop wrapper?!?!