Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas is coming

Here comes the busy season!

Thanksgiving was good. We spent it with my family. We had dinner at my moms with Josh, Jalee and the kids too. That’s always a blast. We spent a lot of time there after dinner, waiting for it to be time for dessert and go to my aunt and uncle’s house for dessert. We watched football, talked and laughed at the kids.

And I of course drove my brother nuts. :D I was singing some Jonas Brothers song to him (even though I didn’t know the words) because they performed at half time of one of the games we were watching. As you can see, he loves when I sing to him. (he was trying to shut me off with the remote control).

In the evening we went to my Aunt and Uncle’s out in Entrada. I like going there for holidays and seeing my cousins that I don’t get to see often. My grandparents were over there too. My cousin Liz is pregnant, and its so fun to see her all cute and prego. And the kids were all running around like crazy. My 3 year old nephew was so scared of the dogs (there was my aunts English bulldog and my cousins boxer), he just screamed a lot, until he was polite enough to point out the bulldog's anatomy! HILARIOUS!
I had to work on Friday, but I was naughty and took a 2 and a half hour lunch with my mom and my cousin, Jason, who was in town for Thanksgiving. That was an entertaining lunch.

On Saturday the girls all went over to my aunts for a baby shower for Liz. It was pretty fun. I got to see my mom’s aunt Carolyn, who I probably haven’t seen in like 3 or more years. Liz scored some cute stuff and it was fun to sit and play games and visit.

And I can’t afford to send out Christmas cards, dang it! So I made my mom take some pictures of me and Rob on Sunday and I’m having Sharise make me some kind of scrapbooky card thing that I can post here and email to people (because she loves me!!!). That’s at least SOMETHING. Some of the pictures turned out pretty good, even though Rob HATES pictures and in many of them you can TELL! He behaved for the most part.
Of course, I had to try to entertain him and tease him to make him smile.

My mom posted a couple of these, but I had to share too, they're funny.

Looking at the pictures made me realize that I need to get my butt in gear and follow Weight Watchers as fathfully as I used to, because my pants aren’t fitting good anymore!!! :(
Better get on that!!!
These dang work days keep getting in the way of my weekends too!! Can someone fix that??!?!


Megan said...

The second to last picture is my favorite. It is like I can read the though bubble coming out of Rob's head 'Come on Danielle!' haha. And your hair is so long and gorgeous. **sigh** Sounds like you had a fun and eventful weekend. How could you not when you are singing along with the Jonas Brothers ;)

Kris said...

Take your gym clothes and go right to the gym!!!! Don't go home don't collect $200. Just say no!!!!! I had fun this weekend, it was to short though!

Chris & Stephanie said...

Love your hair. I also love that you had to make the hubby laugh to get him to smile. My hubby just makes goofy faces. It is so crazy.

Chris & Stephanie said...

Also I need your email so I can add you to my blog private list.. Have a great day!