Monday, December 22, 2008


First off, Someone requested a full picture of my Christmas tree...Not very exciting but here you go:

The big 3-0…Good thing my co-workers made it a good day, so I wouldn’t sit in my office crying and mourning my younger years. It is SO hard to believe that I am 30. I seriously feel like early 20s. Does that feeling ever change? Time flies so fast after high school, back then I’d never have believed it, but its true! I guess at least I can say I was married before 30. I had originally wanted kids all done by 30, also, but alas. I must try to get it all done before 35. New deadline! Hahaha.
Since Rob’s birthday is 3 days before mine, we have a combined dinner at his parent’s house. They gave me a framed picture of Rob and I at the wedding. Its my favorite one of us, so I was SOOO excited because I hadn’t been able to get any blown up yet.

On the day of my birthday my boss and some other co-workers had decorated my office, so that was cute. And Debbie, my boss, also made me some sweet slippers!!!
HAHAHA (...yeah, out of maxi-pads)

Debbie's daughter, Amanda made me an awesome cake!!

Everyone kept bringing me stuff, so it was sweet. My sister, April, brought me a dozen flowers, and they STILL look amazing after 5 days. They opened so big and smelled SO GOOD.

Rob got me a heated throw blanket because I’m always cold and a heated back massager, because my back is always hurting. So I was excited about those! :D
That night we went out to dinner to Texas Roadhouse with my mom, Dave, Madison, Brycen, Jalee, Josh, Skylar, Gwennie, and Owen. It was pretty fun. It had been snowing pretty much all day, and when we were eating the flakes got bigger, so Rob was way excited. Rob promised me I wouldn’t have to sit on the birthday saddle at Texas Roadhouse, but my lovely sister in law and brother knew one of the waiters and told him as soon as they walked in, so it ended up being unavoidable, DANG IT!!! My mom got pictures, but I look nasty in them, so I will NOT post them HERE. Good thing it wasn’t a busy night! My mom got me a cool shirt, some lotion and a little Asian decoration for my living room. I was glad that everyone could go to dinner with me (minus April, she had to work). Its always fun to get together. So now I’m 30…..and my husband is 31……we’re old and moldy.
This was us at dinner, Rob was hiding behind me. :P

But I had a pretty good birthday over all. But now on to the crying for a decade until I turn 40 and really go into shock.
Thank you to everyone who made my birthday such a good day! I love you all!!!
This was the snow the day after my b-day


Kris said...

Well lets get that baby thing started. I'm not getting any younger either! I'm glad you had fun!

mywest said...

Thirty....I remember it faintly...before your were even thought of....hanging with your parents in Chewelah, Washington...... Enjoy everything you can and seize the moment. The rest is what I call Rocking Chair Memories..learning to focusing on the positive and letting the rest go. Love, GZ

April Lynn said...

wow those roses look amazing. That plant food i put in there must be

Megan said...

Well at least I got a few good years left huh? Kidding! Happy Birthday again. Sounds like you had an awesome day. I wish I were there to eat that fantastic looking cake for you :) And I can't believe it snowed that much! Crazy. I think I saw snow stick in St. George once for like an hour and I had to call all the employees from work and they said they couldn't come in because it snowed! I was like, um, I don't know if you know this...but your car can still drive in the snow! LOL.

shoezimm said...

The more time I spent in my thirties the more I realised that age is just a state of mind. I am on the edge of forty and, while I may have days where my back reminds me just how old I am, I really don't feel anywhere near this fact, I was surprised to have an old friend from high school point out its been about 24 years since we'd seen one another!

I had a conversation with grandma about getting older...this would have been maybe a year before she died and she admitted she never did feel like she was old.

I remember growing up thinking "32 is OLD" simply because one day when I was 12 I realized my parents were 32 and it seemed like that was the time you became a "grown up"...well 32 came and went and I finally asked Dad when he thought I might begin feeling like an adult. His response was that he was still waiting for that feeling himself!

Just remember, while you can't physically stop yourself from growing older, you can control how you feel about it. Just focus on the journey, not the numbers it takes to get you is meant to be a wonderful experience so enjoy it!

Teachinfourth said...

Happy (belated now) Birthday, D!

I envy your trip to Texas Roadhouse...that place is amazing in every way (well, maybe except for the peanuts and country music).

Cami & Shelby said...

Happy Birthday to you! It sounded like a pretty good day. We need to go to lunch soon or something I miss your face!!!