Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Opinion Time...

Ok....if any of you watch Biggest Loser, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Could Vicky be any more obnoxious?!? She is the meanest person I've ever seen on there. I totally agree with what Bob said on yesterday's episode that she's been so into the "game play" that she'll probably gain all the weight back because right now it seems that the "game" is the only thing keeping her going. I just cannot believe how horrible she is on the show. Maybe that's just how they happen to be portraying it, but I doubt it. I hope she doesn't win. My favorites toward the end were Amy and Michelle.

So it'd be cool to see Michelle win, and beat that whole blue team!! GO MICHELLE!!


Megan said...

I already expressed to you my distaste for Viky...AKA the devil! I was hoping she would be in the bottom 2 because you know America would vote her out. She is just there for all the wrong reasons and was so mean to Amy C. I just Amy would have voted her off when she had the chance because everyone knew, it seemed, besides Amy that there was a packed going on. Booo! I hope Amy is the 100,000 at home winner and Michelle wins it all. Go drama free black team!

Melissa said...

I can not stand that woman and her husband or Heba and Ed! I'm all for Michelle winning. Those four were big fat meanies! Pun not intended.