Saturday, August 23, 2008

Praises be to A/C

I do NOT know how the pioneers made it in Southern Utah back in the days of NO AIR CONDITIONING!!! Good hell! I about died, and we had FANS!! I am definately born in the right day and age! Those were some strong people to live back then!! And the women in their bonnets and layered hoop skirts and dresses!! NO THANK YOU! I'll gladly take my air conditioning and popsicles!! Thanks!


Brasher family said...

I know!! I never would have survived in those days. So glad to hear you're finally cooling off! I too, am thankful for A/C and popsicles!!

The Scotts said...

Wow...ditto on the A/C problems. Only we don't have a landlord, so it was quicker to fix once I called someone. I can feel it cooling down as I type. It was 87 ab hour ago. Now it is 84