Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm MELTING!!!!!

So...Rob called me yesterday while I was at work still and said, "I just got home....the air conditioner is not working". "oh, well that sounds like fun!" I said. When I got home it felt like an oven. The landlord said they'd have someone come look at it. In the meantime they said to go on the roof and check the swamp cooler, that should still work. We had no idea what we were doing, so thankfully my step dad came over to look at it. We just needed a quick fix, but he was all about giving it a full make over. Well, come to find out, the pump on it is shot. The guy came by to look at the AC and while he was tinkering with it, freon started leaking out. Rob tried to close up the house in time, but we had already started inhaling it. He said that he'd have to order a part...the compressor was shot. We decided to find somewhere with AC to grab some food. We went to Wendy's. As we were driving there I still felt lightheaded and weirded out from the freon, as we pulled up I could have sworn there was a guy with a Storm Trooper mask on...nope, just a white hat with sunglasses on it. Then we went inside and the cashier was seriously cracked out and talking about his wife and wedding ring, which I think were both imaginary. He kept coming by us while we were eating and saying things we didn't understand. He was kind of mumbling, "hiey fouwn somdose shoshoshosho awooowwwhe doby thawibberhanc". Yeah, can't help you buddy, no clue what you're saying. :P Then I didn't understand Rob's joke about the phone number 867-5309, I said, "Who's number is that??"....(Yeah, if you didn't get it, go back and sing it.) Needless to say, we were all a little cracked out. The house finally started to cool down at like 2 a.m. since we had all the fans blowing and had ran the sprinklers to cool the lawn, and opened windows when the sun wasn't hitting them anymore. the 92 degrees that it was at bed time made it a little hard to fall asleep. And now the part to fix it wont be here until another night of the HOT AND HEAVY!! Maybe I'll go outside if it is cooler out there and huff some freon.... heehee jk.


Brasher family said...

Ahhh! I feel for you! That sounds so HOT! I am one big baby too, I just can't handle the heat and humidity here!

I am so glad you have a blog, by the way. It's so fun to read what you guys are up to!

Kris said...

Oh and bring my crack pipe back! I think you were a little high that night....Hey and Ifunuhshosuniawoheedintatcwekbed.