Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Happenings (picture overload)...and fun news at the bottom!!

Halloween week was pretty busy, at work it was also Diversity week, so we had themes for each day.
For our Halloween costume, my mom, my brother and sister, and I tie-dyed shirts

Kai had a blast playing with Maddie.
On October 25th (mom's b-day) we went to a carnival at her school. There were like 10 bounce houses, and Kai had SO MUCH FUN! April and Maddie took him on a lot of them. Thank goodness for skinny sisters!

Kai liked watching people climb the rock wall

My mom, Rob, and I were hippies in the Manson family. Kai was DJ Lance Rock from Yo, Gabba Gabba! Kai doesn't cooperate well with picture taking! :P

Ok, and now something really exciting! I love this website,, and she does photography assignments/contests all the time. This week she did "Four Legs" so I submitted a picture and she featured it in Group 2 today!!! YAY!!! There are like 30 some odd thousand pictures submitted to her group, so I was very excited to see my picture on there today! I got all giddy and butterflies in my stomach! This is my picture:

So, go comment and tell them your favorite (really it doesn't HAVE to be mine! ;) but I'd love the love!!)


Megan said...

Umm I love Pioneer Woman. Well, I love to eat her food anyway ;)

You guys look great for Halloween!

Teachinfourth said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!