Tuesday, November 30, 2010

15, almost 16 months...

…and Kai had his first cold :(
He’s always so full of energy, so it was hard to see him just want to sit and watch tv. I think all the things we did helped the cold only last a couple days, thank goodness! (vaporizer, sleep, lots of water, and essential oils my mom uses) Recently, Kai has decided he doesn’t want to eat anymore. I read that its normal and that he’ll eat when he’s hungry, it just makes me feel bad that maybe he’s not getting enough nutrition.
Kai is really getting such a funny personality. I think he’ll be a jokester when he’s older!
He loves to chase people or be chased, especially if you carry him around when you do it, he’ll laugh so hard.
He was saying something the other day that sounded like “circle” and I realized he was saying “Ready, Set, Go” (I say that to him a lot). So now he says it a lot, or he’ll finish when I say “Ready, Set” he’ll say “GO”.
He’s started coming to us, grabbing our hand and taking us to what he wants. Last night it was his blanket on the other side of the gate, he took Rob over to get it, because he couldn’t reach, it was cute.
At night, when he’s ready for bed, he goes into the kitchen and cries at the sink because he wants his bottle.
When he’s tired, (or doesn’t feel good) he’ll grab his binky and his “blank” (blanket) and either want to climb up on us (even though that usually doesn’t last long), or sit on the floor or the couch. (he also rubs the blanket on his cheek when he does this).
He has one blanket he just LOVES. He drags it around a lot and chews on it.
Before he stopped eating he was getting pretty good at feeding himself. We’re trying to get him off of the baby food, but with him not wanting to eat, we’re giving him anything he WILL eat.
BUT-- He is not a fan of his highchair anymore, he’ll be in it for a couple minutes and then be crying to get out, and trying to climb out of it. I think he just doesn’t like to be restrained. (is he going to be a rebellious teen or what??!)
He loves books and to be read to, but he’ll change the pages for you before you finish it. He also eats his books...(at least he’s eating??)
He LOVES “Yo Gabba, Gabba”, he’s just recently started to get excited about Spongebob too. If he sees something with Spongebob on it, he’ll start laughing and get excited.
He does pretty good with movies, he’ll watch bits and pieces. I think his favorite, so far, is “Up”.
He’s started liking toy cars a lot, he’ll push them around.
He has 7 teeth and has had just the 7 for quite a while. He’s drooling even more lately, though, and from all the other stuff going on, I am assuming he’s got more that are shortly on their way.
Thanksgiving was at my mom's house this year. It was wonderful as usual. We provided the Turkey, and of course the green bean cassarole (LOVE IT). I just love being able to spend time with the fam...it was good!
Mom's new pretty cat, Autumn

Josh reading to Kai and Lu-lu

Cute Gummy

Josh, sleepy with a hurty back...few days later, he's passing kidney stones :(

Kai doing his shapes...he's so good with it!

Also my friend, Amanda, and I, decided to take eachothers family pictures. That was fun…Kai wanted nothing to do with sitting still for anything…so we had to work with that. Here are some pics that I liked:


Amanda said...

Your pictures turned out so cute. I just can't get up to editting mine :( I have like 4 done. ha ha I love your header too!!

Teachinfourth said...

You have some nice photos…it's strange to think that he's so grown up now!

Danielle said...

Thanks guys!
Its crazy how big he's getting!

Megan said...

Those pictures turned out great! What a good looking family :) Can you believe how fast time goes by. They get big so quick! I hate and love it at the same time.