Friday, August 7, 2009


Warning: may contain TMI
So yesterday started with me losing my mucus plug. I wondered what this meant for me. Would I start having stronger contractions? Would other weird stuff follow?? Well, not right away. My mom came and got me and we went and picked up my urine collection kit...YAY. I hung out at my moms for a while and began collecting my urine in her fridge. My step dad was none too thrilled to hear about that. My mom helped me to make sure the nun's cap I was peeing in would pour nicely in my brown jug, and was convinced that I started having the "bloody show". Then I had to go get monitored at the fetal monitoring office at the labor and delivery unit. (so much for bedrest!) My mom and Rob came with me and I had to make sure that on this outing I didn't have to go to the bathroom, because we had to leave my pee jug in the fridge. I made it alright. I was hooked up to the machine for just over a half hour. My blood pressure was A LOT better 143 over 84. Kai's heartbeat was good, and I had 5 contractions in the time I was there, but they were mild. The tech monitoring me said she thought it wouldn't be long before the baby was here, with all the contrating and the baby being so low. I guess we'll see. I keep having contractions off and on, but nothing strong.
Rob worked all night last night, and I think he was a little worried about me. I told him I'd be fine. And I was...other than not getting much sleep because I can't get comfortable AND because when Rob's gone, I don't sleep well. This morning my mom came to get me and my jug of chunky urine to take to the lab. They had to take my blood (again, I hate needles) and the girl looked to be about 16. I was worried she wouldn't do well. It took her a while to get my vein up and she even suggested using my other arm, but I promptly told her "No, that vein rolls!" So she figured it out and got the vein, but I could tell she wasn't quite a pro, I could definately feel every time she changed the vial. With that done, I called the Dr's office to let them know I didn't get everything done wednesday night, but it was done now. But I'll probably have to wait til monday to hear anything about my urine, blood, and monitoring.
I'll just hope things start moving along on their own, since I can't go walking or any other stuff to move things along. *crossing fingers*
But to end on a really good note, Rob is sooo good to me, he's been cleaning up and making me dinner and everything. And now he's asleep on the recliner since he worked all night. Poor boy!


Megan said...

I hope it is soon for you too - or at least if it is not, that you will get some good sleep between now and then! I hope to the post soon :)

♥Miya said...

I snorted Pepsi out my nose when you said "mucus plug"...not cause it was gross, but because it sounded so funny :P

For some reason the veins in my left arm are deeper than those in my right, so if the doctor screws up the right one, then I end up having to draw blood from the top part of my right arm instead (it's really weird). I hope you'll be able to get some rest soon!

Danielle said...

Miya..I'm glad I made you snort Pepsi! :P