Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting yelled at.

My family kept giving me a hard time all weekend. My mom had a lunch at her house yesterday because we had some family in town, so I went over there to SIT AROUND. I personally figured sitting at home and sitting somewhere else was about the same. BUT others didn't agree. "Aren't you supposed to be on bedrest?!?" was the constant question. Yeah yeah yeah. The lunch was good and it was really nice to see everyone. And a couple family members hadn't met Rob before, so I wanted him to meet them. They were having a community yard sale in my mom's neighborhood, and on our way to my moms house I saw a baby swing, so we had to go check it out. That was one thing I didnt have yet, so we looked and it was only $5, so we had to get it. Rob cleaned it up today, and it's as good as new! :D That evening was my neice's birthday celebration because all of Jalee's family was in town. The kids all were playing on the slip'n'slide. I was saying maybe I should go ahead and play on it with them, maybe get some labor going! :D
Today was my neice's baby blessing. Lots of family was there, so it was really nice to be there. Its so awesome to see my brother bless all of his children, I'm so proud of him and his worthiness to be able to do that. After sacrament we got some family pics out front (hopefully I can snag a copy off Jalee's blog soon), then my grandpa and my brother gave me a Preisthood blessing. I was very grateful that I was able to get one before the baby comes. My grandpa is also going to bless my baby when he's here. I'm glad for that, because he's who blessed me when I was a baby.
I am still pretty swollen, we went to Walmart today (before you yell at me, I rode on the motorized wheelchair!)I checked my blood pressure on the machine there, and it was 148 over 88. So still a bit high :/ One of Josh and Jalee's friends was talking to me after the blessing today and said, "Don't be surprised if at your next Dr. appointment, he tells you that you're blood pressure is still too high, and they tell you that you'll be induced that day, and walk you over to labor and delivery." Its probably true, I heard him tell someone that last week. So I guess we'll see what he says with how this appointment goes, PLUS the blood and urine they took last week, and the monitoring. I still have had some mild contractions, but nothing monumental. My next appointment is Tuesday, I guess we'll see what the dr says!


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I agree! I want to see this baby already and I am sure you DONE being pregnant. I am sending labor vibes your way!