Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not so awesome...

2 weeks ago I was having back pain and cramps, I called my doctor and they said they were closing the office, so I needed to go to labor and delivery. I said, "even if there's no blood, or anything, I still need to go?" and the lady said, "Yes, anytime you have cramping, back pain, and/or pressure, you need to go be checked". I was pretty bugged, feeling like nothing would be wrong, I just wanted the reassurance from the Dr. office....well, didn't get that. So one of the nurses at my work said maybe it was a UTI, so she had a cup and a dipstick available (of course) so she checked my urine. She said there wasn't infection, but that there was a trace of blood. That freaked me out enough to pull Rob away from work and go to L&D. So we went.
I laid there in a gown, with monitors on my belly. It was pretty cool to sit and listen to our baby have the hiccups, since I couldn't feel them. They said that there was a trace of blood, but they didn't know why. They said the baby seemed fine, was moving and had a good heartbeat. They took blood and some kind of fetal/cervix test to see if there were signs of labor. After 4 hours, they said everything looked ok, and to follow up with my Dr. the next day they were open. Blah....I knew it was pointless, but I guess its better to know. When I went to the dr, he said that it could be kidney stones, but I hadn't really had any problems since the hospital, so he said we'd watch and see how I felt, if I did ok, they'd just shrug their shoulders and keep going.
A few nights ago, I was tossing and turning because my back was killing me. When I got out of bed, it eased up and was fine. Then the next night (night before last night), my back was hurting REALLY bad and kept me up, when I got out of bed, I figured it'd get better, but it just kept hurting no matter what I did. It was just on the right side this time. Then when I went to the bathroom, yep blood visible in my urine. I had some deadlines at work, so I had to go in. I felt like I was dying, it hurt so bad. I had a Dr. appointment set up for 4 that afternoon, and I called to see if I could get any earlier, but still have time to get my work done. I was able to move it to 2. I tried my hard to just focus through the pain and just get what I needed done. I got done at noon, and made Rob take me home. I laid down and put a heating pad on my back for a couple hours. The pain eased up quite a bit, and after peeing blood all morning, that also stopped. So by the time I got to the Dr, I had nothing to show for my miserable morning. They decided it was time to send me to get an ultrasound on my kidneys. They said its very painful to pass stones, and there's not much you can do about it, you just wait for them to pass. They might have to put a stint in to help it pass though. They took urine to test for infection, and sent me to the hospital for the ultrasound. They also sent me away with a prescription for Lortab. I don't really want to take it, but if I am hurting like yesterday, I will. I was supposed to find out the results today, but they never called. I called and left a message, then tried again at 5, but they'd already turned their phones over for the night. So I'll try again tomorrow. I really want to know whats going on. I wasn't really hurting much at all today. But there's gotta be a reason for all that pain and the peeing blood, right??
And ohhhh....tomorrow is another thing anyway.....I failed my glucose test last week, so I have to go in for the 3 hour test tomorrow! The glucose drink really isn't all that bad, but they have to take blood 4 times while I am there....and I HATE needles!!!!! So I'm not excited for that. And I have to fast for 12 hours...the earliest I can go in is 8 am, and I won't get out until 11. I'll be HUNGRY!! So anyone who doesn't know about the glucose testing...they have to check to see how your body is producing insulin and handling sugars. If you fail the tests you have Gestational Diabetes. And depending on how severe, you might just have to adjust your diet, and check your blood daily, or even have to have insulin shots or pills. So I hope I pass it!
I am now 28 weeks and 4 days pregnant...I have 80 days left. Crazy. My baby shower is saturday, so I am excited for that. My friend and coworker, Amanda made my cake and it is SOO CUTE!! I'll have to post pics of the shower and the cake after saturday. Rob and some of the guys are going to the lake while we have our "girl time", so at least he'll be occupied.
Rob has been so good with everything with me. He takes care of me and checks on me a lot at work. I'm so lucky to have him. He's the best!
28 weeks: (feeling like a cow)


Megan said...

Man all of that stinks! I hope you start feeling better soon and that they can at least figure out what is causing it all. Not knowing is the worst. I swear when you are pregnant though the doctors just write everything off as 'your are pregnant, weird things happen when you are pregnant'. At least that is how I feel. Sorry you have to drink that nasty drink again - that stuff is so sugary it makes me sick.

And I am kinda jealous that you don't feel your baby's hiccups - is that weird? My baby always gets them when I am trying to fall asleep and it makes it really difficult (as if it were not already hard to do).

Teachinfourth said...

Hope you feel better soon, Dani.

Kidney stones...or pain in general, stinks.

Chris & Stephanie said...

I am so sorry that the office has not gotten back with you. I think it is so unproffessional.. Good luck with the glucose test. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Can't wait to see the baby pictures. Also, you so don't look like a cow.... You look great...

Rachel Doyle said...

That totally sucks --all of it!!! I hope you don't have gestational diabetes because it is not fun -- but it can be managed -- I have to take insulin but it isn't so bad -- good luck!