Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Diagnosis: Hydronephrosis

So that's what they say it is. The baby is squishing my kidneys and ureturs and backing my kidneys up, causing intense pain, etc. I've been alright since then, so I'll hope that it was a one time thing. :S I'm surprised that something like that could hurt so bad, but apparently you have lots of nerve endings in your kidneys and anything with them can be quite painful.
Baby's been kicking a lot more lately, which is fun. I can feel his hiccups now, usually.
My baby shower was Saturday, and was so fun!! Thanks you to everyone who was able to make it, I was very grateful for all of you there!
My mom still needs to get me some pictures, but here are some I stole from her blog:
The awesomely cute and DELICOUS cake that Amanda made me:

Opening the blanket my Aunt Carolyn made:

Before my shower, we really didn't have ANYTHING. My mom and Dave got me a crib, its so cute, I'll have to post pics when his room is done. Rob put the crib together Sunday morning, it was cute, he got up early and everything. Rob's mom and dad got us a stroller and car seat. We got a lot of diapers, wipes and tons of other cute stuff. I'll post more pictures when my mom gets them to me. We had some really good food and about 20 or more people showed up. I want to thank my mom for putting the shower on for me. She's so awesome, and I know she had a lot to do and worry about, but I appreciate it so much. My sister, Madison helped so much, I'm so grateful for her! And Sharise helped by bringing a salad, and getting the prizes for the games. Thanks EVERYONE!!!
Rob and some of the guys went to the lake for the day, we got Dave to go and he actually tried wakeboarding!! He got up right away, but just needs to get the hang of staying up sideways, its hard to get a handle on sometimes. And Rob finally got to wakeboard for the first time this summer, so I was glad they were all able to go.
75 days left to go until our little baby is here!!! I guess we better figure out that name!! :S


Megan said...

Name, Shname. We have less than 14 days to do and we still haven't narrowed it down. LOL. Sounds like you got hooked up at your shower. Embrace that. I forget how much stuff you get and how we had to buy EVERYTHING this time around. People getting you diapers and wipes rock! You will go through those so fast. And that cake is so cute! I am glad you haven't been having any kidney problems since - that does not sound like fun at all.

Teachinfourth said...


OR take the mother's and father's names and combine to create a new baby name.

Roban (pronounced: Robin)
Niero (he'll be unhooked from the matrix soon)
Bornad (reversed)

Wow, the possibilities for great names is endless!

Chris & Stephanie said...

I am so glad you had a great shower. Amanda did a great job on the cake. It is adorable.

Amanda said...

wow what I cute cake!! i wonder who made it for you!!ha ha jk! When are you going to put up more picture from the baby shower? I want to see them since i had to miss it!!