Monday, March 16, 2009

Fish Trees

We have these trees that line the whole front of our building. In the spring they bloom white flowers and are really pretty. BUT they smell like fish. I noticed last year and nobody knew where the smell was coming from, until I had a co-worker pull down a branch and sure enough, it was the blossoms! Its SOO nasty for a couple weeks until they fall off. It gets so strong and overwhelming, I'm just glad I'm not still in my first trimester, I'd be out front puking on my way in and out everyday!

On a brighter note, I am 17 weeks pregnant now.I think I've started feeling the first few flutters in the past week or two. And people at work that didn't know are now asking if I am going to have a baby. And I can happily say "YES!" Back before I got on weight watchers almost 3 years ago, when I worked at the bank, customers would ask me "When are you due??" And I'd have to say, "I'm not pregnant, just fat". It happened so often!! At least now I can say I am pregnant!
My mom, Dave and the kids are in their new house. I love it, its so cute, I'm so happy for them. I did what I could to help, and Rob helped a ton. In return, mom got me some maternity stuff, thank goodness, because its painful sometimes to wear pants with a hair tie hooking the button to the button hole.
Gizmo is being a cute kitty. He loves his belly rubs and always comes over and lays on his back and meows for them. He's slowly getting bigger, so he can do more destruction when he runs around crazy when he gets hyper. It's entertaining!

Today my friend Cami was getting induced because she's a week past her due date, so I'm excited to be able to see her little girl Rylee!! I'm sure she's been preoccupied, but I'm anxious to hear how things went!
Rob and I are still thinking about baby names, we have a couple of ideas, but aren't quite set on anything. I've also been looking for ideas for a baby room. I was thinking of doing a water or beach theme, but I'm not sure. Then I started thinking about a monster theme because Sharise and I have seen really cute monster plushies, and Sharise actually bought me one, so our baby has his first "friend". LOL so cute!
Rob just doesn't want them to be too scary that they'd scare the baby (isn't that so adorable!?)


Teachinfourth said...

Sounded a little fishy...

Megan said...

Fish smelling blossoms - bleh. My mom has these flowers/bulbs that she always puts out every spring and they smell like diapers. What the?! Love the belly shot. I like the monster thing too. On fact, I bought a shirt with a weird Dummo looking monster on it for our boy from Old Navy a few weeks ago. Werid. But cute. Good luck with the name thing - we are still struggeling...BIG TIME!

Kris said...

Well just found out they are called snowball trees. Cute name for a smelly tree. I thought Luke pooped and it smelled but looked up and there is one in our yard and across the street. EW.

Holloways said...

You look so cute! It's so exciting to watch (and feel) the changes each week! Cute ideas on the nursery!!